Thursday, April 30, 2015

A story of wildflowers and my need to write

I am so fortunate, and happy to have my computer with me again; redeemed from the dead and restored to its original beginnings.  Wouldn't it be fantastic if the same concept could be applied to our tired bodies and minds--to be restored to that utterly wholly, indissoluble beginning of humankind?  Blessed would be that day.

It is not so much having lost all those files and photographs--remembrances of a life and thoughts of a mind that otherwise would be an obscured and encoded thing, if it wasn't for the magic of words, than not being able to write for so long.  Having my computer with me again, it simply means being able to decipher my soul...  It means I can write... I can sing out the songs I keep deep in my heart, complicated songs I can only bring forth through words... I can shake off every sad thoughts or feelings as I write, my fears disappear, my tongue can utter words unspoken.  Writing is life to me. But I am going slow this time, not wanting to hurry and make any mistake and have that awful virus contaminate my files again... so I won't be working on anything important, and will only write that what my fingers, moved by unreasoning thinking may bring forth...

I go out to the garden, pull out weeds, transplant and divide perennials, soak in the simple, uninterrupted beauty shrouded in dense, pure greens that surround our little cottage, and let sunshine sip through my pores.

Then, satisfied for the moment, I would come in and sit by my computer again and again... as if this 'mythical' instrument was a live thing; a dear someone with whom I've been reunited.  How necessary and compulsory these simple routines are to me... I love how Anais Nin puts it:  "We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect".

The potted geraniums are healthy and growing glorious pompoms of flowerets.  I love the pudgy scent of geranium lingering on the air as I go by.  Today I discovered some type of a vine growing wild behind the garden.  Something very similar to a grapevine, with smooth, shinny leaves with its five lobes and the naked veins around its sinus.  I will keep an eye on it and see how it grows, or what it grows.  I have filled most of my flower pots with simple perennials this year.  Dessert Eve Yarrow and purple Vinca, which have already beautifully bloomed for the second time.  These plants are so truth worthy and they will come back year after year... I love their simple beauty and intense colors of some perennials that could be well be called wildflowers.

The white impatient flowers are expanding magically.  I bought three tiny pots as soon as they show up on late spring and divided them to several pots... all pots are now brimming with these glorious little jewels.    

What I have come to love most about this time of year are the ferocious amount of wildflowers found around our cottage.  They represent a nuisance in some point, but it always bring a spark of magic to my heart to go around the property looking for these glorious spark of color growing naturally and happily and without any fuss whatsoever...

My childish woman's heart making gentle rings of joyful waves like a raindrop into infinite blue waters as I drag my soul around the outskirts of the woods hunting for treasures--what new wildflower is in bloom, what new song sings the wind...  I most look like a wild mad woman, garden shears on hand wild hair blowing in warm breezes as I cut wildflowers wherever they may be found.  Who would do that?  I've to wonder!  But they're such treasure in pretty vases around the house...

Yesterday, I happened upon the most fascinating discovery--a glorious wild rose growing profusely among all the shrubbery and crazy undergrowth out there.

The scent--sweet, and magical and unique was what took me to it.  

I have filled many vases with these small rosettes.

I have so much I want to say, so many ideas, words, pictures I keep on my mind that I want to share... I hope I won't bore you and I hope you won't mind if you see me here way too often from now on, but I've been saving all... all what have transpired in my little world and life throughout this months, and moments... and I must write and let my days be stamped on my blog as a remembrance of lovely days and days not so lovely, but all of them safe by my beliefs and hopes, forevermore.

Thank  you for listening to my ramblings, my precious friends.



  1. I absolutely love your beautiful and enchanting blog. It always inspires and speaks to my soul. You explained exactly how I feel about writing, but could never find the words. Your gift of writing is a blessing to all of us, and I thank you for sharing it.

  2. Bellissimo,tutto così fiorito!Rosetta

  3. You are a unique wildflower yourself. Take a picture of the vine you spoke about and let us see it. Maybe we can tell you what it is. Besides...we do not want you to be messing around any poisonous vines again... You do not have a boring bone in your body. So you write and tell us all of your hearts desires and dreams and problems or...whatever. We are listening.

  4. Always a pleasure reading your very inspiring ramblings..:)


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