Wednesday, April 29, 2015

In a garden I love and back to blogging...

Where should I start?... where, where has time gone to?  And what faces hide behind those silent monstrous souls of the cyberspace, who's greed had left me fluttering around my days in a wild state of dumbness; like a single-winged angel stripped clean of words and moments lost? 

The virus that had infected my computer and encrypted every one of my files a while back, somehow followed me; like the Yellow Fever of ancient times, and it also infected my husband's old computer, which I had borrowed to continue my writings.  And thus, two computers and hundreds of files lost, I am starting anew.

The night sky gave me vertigo. The canyons blew my mind.  But I'm out of those icy mountains and down into the emerald valley again--so I hope.  Life is but an endless series of little details ain't it... proceedings, actions, trials, thoughts, dealings... and the consequences whether good or bad of even the least of them will follow us.  Each of us lives with consequence and we all bear the burden and bliss of lessons in our hearts.

I've been working outside as well as inside without stop... planting, digging, tearing down, building up, weeding... weeding a lot, and painting furniture too.  Changing things around in the house and in the garden... like a mad woman.  Like a woman who runs with wolves.  I love this time of year and as spring moves forward in its fruitful, creationist ways, so does my body and mind.  I feel the energy of nature flowing in me, inspiring me to create, to work... work... to make my dreams come into fruition.  Blood flowing in my veins, muscles tightening in my body as I accomplish millions of things in a day's worth.

The crape myrtle bushes are into broad leafiness.  The lilies are about to pop open into tangerine flowers and the roses are coming on strong.  The privet, thick and dark and green is filled with voices and sounds I try to decipher, but escape understanding.  The woods are filled with so much grace.  It's sheer magnificence no matter where you look here.  We have plants growing out of every nook and cranny.  We need more space which is, I suppose, why we want to cleanout further into the woods.

Every morning when I'm out here I brace myself and almost cry out at the glorious width of sky that presses out in all direction, and the tall trees striving to reach that blue openness above themselves; trees whose arms and hands stretch out and clap, and trees whose emerald green shaggy heads sway with morning breezes and move backward and forth in glorious dances... can you see them, oh can you see them dancing; talking among each other way up there?

Almost every morning while at our breakfast, we have been graced by the swift visit of a blue-throated hummingbird whose early morning habits of personal hygiene brings him to the pond and the rabbit of some Alice in Wonderland story has been coming by again frequently...  I delight in what I see and hear and marvel at the fortune of having all this free time on my hands and be able to be part of the abandon and inventiveness of Nature... as free as Nature is, and coming to it with the same stanza and same joyful abandon.

And well, here I am again in my happy place.  Hoping that I'd be spared of contamination this time and this horrible computer virus will pass by me, like some lethal fumes in its journey of Hades, without noticing me.

Thank you for your emails and friendly comments during my absence... I am glad to be back~


  1. So glad you're back Cielo. I missed your postings and your little white cottage.

  2. I missed you so much. Lovely photos and gorgeous words... inspiration to my soul.

  3. Welcome..Welcome! So good to hear from you. So very sorry about your problems with those .....welllllll..... I'll just say it......those Low life theives in cyberspace..good lord.......Get a life! So proud to hear you are picking up the pieces and going forward. Your home and yards are magnificent. And you have been blessed with new visitors I see...hummingbird and a rabbit. They have found the perfect home. Enjoy your free time at home and have a very happy weekend.


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