Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My days...

I'm exhausted—but it is a happy tiredness of the body, and I cannot be any happier, or gloriously radiant these days. You see, I am living my dream, and I am doing what I love and was born to do—living in the garden, working the grounds, sucking in this wholesome glorious sunshine of benevolent March.  

I’m bringing in some lovely posies from the wild garden, and I’ve planting… planting thousands of seeds and bulbs and my hands are stained and scratchy and my hair matted with spring and fairy dust. My soul is overflowing with thankfulness and sunshine.

And what’s up with the animal world?—I mean they must be crazy with spring fever too, because, I tell you, they’ve been engaging in some very estrange behavior lately.  One bird keeps jumping up and down in front of the tall mirror I keep standing against the fence on the west side of the garden, which, by the way, it really is my ‘secret door’ to the ENCHANTING WOODS and other worlds out there… Yeap!

This bird keeps fighting with himself; hitting against the mirror over and over.  I wonder if perhaps he’s trying to go through the magical door, but the wood fairies are preventing him from doing so.  But why?  Is he some kind of a malevolent creature in disguise and the fairies know?  Is he a narcissist in love with himself and is jumping up and down looking at his image on the mirror while saying “pretty pretty pretty”?   Maybe he is seeing a girlfriend through the glass standing on the other side of some unknown world and wants to go to her? What do you think this behavior means?  What what?

Ah and there’s the story of the feral cat who dwells in the settee in our front porch.  I guess he’s decided to adapt his ‘bedroom’ into a ‘bathroom’, because now I am cleaning cat’s poop instead of cat’s hair.  Yuck! 

This morning my 80 something neighbor friend Nancy down the hill stopped by to say hi.   I was outside cleaning up the porch when I saw her coming and went to meet her.  I cannot say why I adore my ‘older’ friends and it seems, as a matter of fact, that some of my very dear friends are always much older than I am.  I mean very much older.  I just love them.  

I commented with Nancy about this cat’s behavior.  Nancy opened her blue eyes almost in a horror expression and with a scorn in her voice promptly said:  “It’s the Cat Lady!” 

Can you imagine!  I almost had a heart attack right then and there!  “The Cat Lady, oh you won’t say!!”  I said petrified.  Remember the WITCH I happen to spied upon on that Halloween day last year?  And now was Nancy telling me that we also have a Cat Lady in our neighborhood?  Ay Dios mío!

Nancy laughed and explained it had to be one of the feral cats of the many many many cats owned by the cat lady at the end of the neighborhood.  She owns like 5 dozen cats or so and they’re everywhere in that house; including under the lifted floors!  

Nancy told me I should put poison out there… but oh no no I almost died again when I heard her said that… I went to my kitchen and brew up some magical cat repellant potion instead.  Something that wont hurt the cats, but will keep them away… All you need is orange peels.

There's no chemicals and nothing else you need to add. Just orange peels and water! Place your orange peels in a pot and cover them with water. Just enough water so that when you get it to a rolling boil, the peels roll with it.  Put on high and bring to a rolling boil for about 10 minutes. The boiling will release the oil in the orange peels which is the scent that the cats hate so much.  When finished, drain the juice into a spraying bottle and spray away! I actually socked up those cushions for good measure!...  got crazy spraying all over the pillows and settee.  Then went on to do something else…





  1. so happy that you know a magical potion, to brew up yourself, and rid yourself of that naughty cat.

    imagine that! that cat being so unkind, as to mess up the area, where you have let him sleep happily, for so long. yishhhh...


  2. Glad you knew enough to brew up the oranges and not poison the poor cats who don't know any better than to fend for themselves as best they can.

    I have older friends, too, and love them dearly. I like looking at life through their eyes. Blessings - xo Diana

  3. Oh Cielo, that mirror is a trick on nature. Poor bird! It is spring, and the male bird is fighting with the bird in the mirror due to birds' urge to defend breeding territories. The male bird pecking at the mirror is fighting what he perceives as an intruding male—he doesn't understand that it's his own reflection. This territorial reaction may be so strong that the bird may exhaust himself, but it usually doesn't result in fatal injury.

    Maybe you could cover the mirror just a few months in the spring :) More info at

  4. Oh it hurts my heart to hear people say such mean things about any animal. Your porch guest is marking is territory. Someone should contact the humane society about the cat lady. I am sure none of her cats have been fixed and the problem will continue to grow. Its not the cats fault this woman is irresponsible. I just adopted a cat from the humane society that came from a hoarding home. He is so thin and shy, but I think he will be fine soon. Sorry for the rant Cielo, but I am a big cat lover.

  5. I had to laugh a little bit when I read about your birdie and the mirror. It just so happens that I too have a mirror in my backyard and a few years ago there was a bird who became obsessed with it. He would jump in front of it incessantly to the point of being noisy and obnoxious so I covered it and thankfully he never returned. About the kitty, I´m so glad you paid no heed to your neighbor´s advice, it makes me want to cry to think anyone would suggest poison as a solution. I have four beloved kitties that I make sure never get out of the yard because I am terrified that someone might poison them. I´m so relieved that you´re using orange spray instead!


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