Saturday, March 7, 2015

Around the house...

Dear little Pebbles is a lovely fairy princess.  She loves to wear her colorful tutus and pretty things… but her mommy thinks she should play sports and thus had her enrolled in Soccer…  

Today was soccer day so when little Pebbles was asked to go get dress for soccer she promptly obeyed… only problem was this is what she decided to wear to soccer game… a lovely tutu and hat, a pearly necklace and the cutest Frozen shirt… 

 Oh but who could had blamed her…
after all she did remember to wear her soccer shoes! 
So stylish… 
I believe I shall find that Miss Pebbles is a kindred spirit…

I kept finding lovely treasures in my daughter’s garage… like this handsome dresser that used to belong to her hubby when he was a child… 

 I decided it needed some love…

So I painted it!
In Americana Décor Chalky Finish paint, in Relic… 
We need a larger mirror... but that's coming

Added a bit of gold for some glamour and elegance…

This morning we hung pictures 
and I worked on putting all the books and pretty things 
in their place...

And helped decorate a bit around their new home
(I know, we need a larger table here too)

...because mommy is extra busy taking care of the girls
and all the work she has to do every day every hour

I'm super tired tonight, but also extra happy for all the help I was able to offer these past two weeks. Tomorrow by 5:00 AM we shall be at the airport on our way to CA for a few more days before returning to our little white cottage in the woods. You all know how I'm feelings right now... I'm just going to stop right here.  

Hope to see you all soon my friends.








  1. The dresser is just stunning Cielo. I adore that pearlised paint too and the deep blue is so very elegant, isn't it? Pebbles is just too cute for words. I have a similarly single minded girl, who at the age of 3 would wear scarves, Isadora Duncan-style, to kinder. Yes, she's still dramatic, still interested in Isadora Duncan (contemporary dancer), and still has her own style. Would you share this gorgeous post at Five Star Frugal ths week? Mimi xxx

    1. Oh what a cute story of your girl that was... they bring so much joy to our hearts those special little souls... ;) Thanks for inviting me to your party... see you there!


  2. I love seeing the sweet pictures of your precious, and beautiful (like Mama Cielo) family.
    You did a phenomenal job on the dresser and it was so nice you could help with decor there.
    I know you are sad to be leaving but I know you will be happy to return home soon, too. xo Diana

    1. Miss them terribly, but yes I can only dream of going home soon. I've been away from home for an entire month... too many days away from it... My soul is tired. ;)

      Thanks for coming by Diana!

  3. your are a whirlwind! a force of nature! with all you do... makeovers and etc. and with such an "eye" for how something "will look" when you are finished. this is an Art!

    beautiful daughter and little ones.

    love the soccer outfit. ,-)))) perhaps she will start a trend. for little girl's soccer outfits. they certainly would look prettier, out on the field, than regular "blahhhhhh" soccer clothes. :-)

    gentle hugs,

    1. I know... I've worked so hard and so much... I miss my girls terribly but ohhhh, HOME! I cannot stop dreaming with it...

      Oh and I agree with you... tutu outfits for girl's soccer... ;) Lovely!



  4. Such a cutie, from her hat to her soccer shoes. ;):) Great paint job on the dresser. xoxo,Susie

    1. She is... love her dearly! ;)


  5. Querida Cielo, tus nietas son un primor! Ya me imagino a esa princesita jugando futbol con sus vestiditos de encaje. Que divina. Me encanta como te quedó esa cajonera, le diste una vida nueva. El azul con dorado quedó bello y combina perfectamente con esas cortinas que se ven al fondo en la sala. Un abrazo!

    1. Gracias amiga... comparto tus sentimientos en todo... ;)

      Te mando un abrazo grandote



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