Friday, March 13, 2015


What a marvelous joyful glorious thing coming home is… it always is!  It’s a happy reunion with one’s inner soul—that’s how I see is!

After what it seemed years in airports and airplanes and miles and miles of dark treacherous roads from the airport to our little cottage, finally around midnight we headed down the dear and familiar hilly road to our little white cottage—to the purest and holiest of darkness and a landscape supple with the remnants of an early rain that by then had sheltered the night in sheets of fog and mystifying reposes. 

Somewhere, someone must had been busy scattering ghostly figures all over the landscape.  White ethereal vapors stirred in a whir of whispers among darkened trees, small dimmed lights flickered here and there in the brambles and houses slept quietly under a sleeping enchantment.

I rolled down my window and stretched out my hands so I could taste the night with the palms of my hands… and hoping too, that maybe the night would understand and lend me her sacred gowns.

Then, on the bend at the top to the hill there it was—our little white cottage nestled among tall trees, illuminating the night with the gently light of the lanterns on the front porch. 

How gentle and tolerant and understanding it seemed to me… and how had I missed it.

The old familiar comfort and goodness and peacefulness inside.  And then, in the midst of shadows I heard it—the magical songs of spring peepers in the pond outside.  I do I do I have frogs living in the pond! 

All day yesterday I was serenaded by these soothing and enchanting songs of frogs.   And all day yesterday the music of the many birds, dwellers of the woods put out a special symphony just for me.  I’d never heard that many birds, so many different songs… were birds excited to see me?  I wonder. 

While I worked the grounds and cleaned and removed weeds, the woods beyond beckoned, trees bended down to offer their hellos while the little white cottage smiled in the background.  I offered my hello to every little creature in the air in the ground and in the water and sat in the middle of the garden pondering on these things. 


  1. welcome home sweet traveler. Long time to be away and I can just feel your excitement at your first glimpse of your home. You couldn't turn the door key fast enough and walk into the welcoming embrace of magical cottage.

  2. Sometimes I think returning home is the BEST part of the trip. I love sitting outside and hearing all the birds singing.


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