Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring is in the air

Magic is everywhere around here.  Although, of course, only in subtle ways, and not anyone can see it either… I mean, if you come by you won’t see it right away—magic.   In fact, there is no exuberant garden to enchant your senses, no lovely roses to enthrall your spirit… it is just green green green.  Only enormous trees stretching roughly and jagged and green all the way to the edge of the blue sky… that’s all.  But ah… look closer and you’ll see what I mean…

Even beyond the garden, I see the wild flowering callery pears opening up to the magic unfurling in the wood. 

See, here’s the thing.  Magic needs to abide in you first to be able to come forth and unfold—like a thousand-petal magical rose. 

Magic it really is all within ourselves… it was put deep in our souls since the beginning of all beginnings.  But through time and years and centuries, magic has lost it power.  To regain it we have to want it.  Really want it.  Remember, you only see what you want to see, or believe what you want to believe.  So it is up to you.  

Welcome Spring!


  1. Some times I think it's our innocence that is the magic. We become desensitized to the wonder of God's gifts. It is everyday to us now. But if we look deep we realize the flowers, trees and animals are our gifts. Loving friends and family are a wonderful plus to it all. Blessings, xoxo, Susie


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