Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Is spring around the corner in your little world yet?  Oh I’m sure it must be very close now around here… why, I’m starting to hear it!  Yes ‘hear it’.   Listen!  Can you not hear it?   

I’m sure if you listen, you too would hear it—the songs, the jingles, the music of dragonfly charms and beads of ankle bracelets…  but what is it you ask?   

It’s the music Spring makes all over my little world as she trots the sun-warmed earth.

You see, right after all that rain went away, up came the sun; a glaring, tender wonderful soul-warming sun. And it had been like that for days now.  The woods around our house have come alive too with new voices and enchanting sounds—the chanting of insects and birds and all the small creatures rewarding every space with magic and music… making the world seems fuller, and kinder and in a sorts of a joyful estate. 

Nature never ceases to amaze me.  I am made of it, I am part of it, and it is so fulfilling and nurturing and rewarding just listening to this orchestration of voices and rhythms… and how wonderfully the earth’s heartbeats encompass and unify and embrace my very owns…

Oh, I’ve discovered that the wood fairies are visiting the garden at night.  It must be!  They’re building bridges with some of the smaller fallen trees so they can cross over… 

 A highway for the wee folk and 'creepy' creatures of the wild for sure! ;)

Birds are popping with color against the background of bare brown branches...

 And the buds on the trees are really beginning to swell.  

I amble through the garden oblivious of time and space, and only aware of this new vibrant surge of life all around.  And whose eyes are those observing me from the ground I ask... whose heads pushing through the womb of the earth to show why man should be in awe of their Creator?  They are the Hostas “Pocketful of Sunshine” and the Salvias “May Night” pushing up through the soil as many of the other perennials are.  The earth is indeed growing back.   

Truly, there are signs of spring everywhere.  

Have you taken the time to notice them?


  1. Love your glimpses of spring. I thought ours was near...not so sure today. so gray and cold. I am ready for it thought. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. You are way ahead of us! We won't have any spring here for at least six more weeks. I can't wait. I love all the new green renews my soul. Your Spring is looking wonderful. xo Diana

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here… Perhaps language is a barrier to you and you cannot express what’s in your heart as you might wish to do so, but that you take your time to come here and leave the characters of your heart in the form of a smiley face, means a lot… it means that whatever you see and read here bring some joy to your heart, and I am glad for that. Thank you for letting me know. Thank you for taking your time to come and leave the symbols of your quiet life embedded in my little world….

      Hugs from here


  4. Oh, the white trees in your woods are so beautiful. I love the sight of blossoming trees in spring. We have a lovely spring look outside, and have had some warmth but alas! snow predicted for tomorrow and the weekend. I know it won't last, and the way I feel about snow is that it is too beautiful to dread. As long as my loves stay safe... that's all I care about now.


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