Wednesday, October 29, 2014

To a friend...

I am dedicating this post in honor to Sandra Dias, from the blog, The Veranda House, a sweet, caring dear soul, a friend and a kindred spirit who I just find out passed away on February 23, 2014 after a long and difficult battle against cancer. 

My heart is sad, and even though I never met Sandra face to face, I felt a special bonding that words cannot express. This is to her:


I live here.
This is my home...
We shall meet for tea under the Magical Tree.
Kindred spirits are always together in spirit,
Let’s get together and feel all right.
But I am here;
you are there:
Two seas,
Five thousand rivers,
One universe apart.
Feeling that in some way we could never explain we’ve met in our dreams.
On our opposite sides of the In-between.
Perhaps if we walked too far and
Wondered loud enough we could somehow get together for tea?
I could look up and find the great Saguaro where you keep your dreams
You could look down and find the sacred hollow where I hide my soul.
But we shall hurry
No time to waste!
At the stroke of midnight
Upon our steps to the Enchanted Forest...
Luminous white and shimmering wings will take us there
Swirling whirling under the moon.
Upon petals so late at night to guide our way by magical lights.
Tip toeing out in forest deep, guiding us while half asleep.
Flitting up and down our dreams,
Reaching out to take our hands…

Cielo Noriega


  1. SO Beautiful Cielo and so sad for us to loss a lovely lady she is with us
    Thank you so much
    God bless you

  2. I am so sorry for your sadness and for your lose. Sending good thoughts and happiness your way, friend.

  3. Thank you for letting us know this. I was a follower of her blog and wondered what happen. My prayers are with you and her family.

  4. I had a special bonding with Sandra, also. She was a sweet caring, and lovely soul. She and I would talk on the phone at least once a month, but then the calls stopped...and I did not hear from her for months. I looked into her facebook account and found a niece to contact who told me she had passed. I was so sad and had no one to grieve with me. I have now found a few blogging friends who knew her and we can share our feelings about Sandra, and get through the grief process together. Your words were beautiful, Cielo, thank you.

  5. I remember her...she was a beautiful, gentle, kind soul. Thank you for cherishing her.


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