Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A day in my life...

Dear diary…. rain continued pouring down throughout the night, and a dark, thundering morning found us having breakfast in the semi-darkness.  

The sound of thunder and heavy rain coming in from outside made me think of  the story of Noah’s Ark told in the Hebrew Bible… and we drifted away atop beleaguered waters, safe in our little white cottage—the vessel in which we traveled to safety while savoring a cup of coffee and some pan tostado.  How delicious the entire rainy moment felt. 

The sun came up hours later warming up the earth as it enveloped it in mirth and goodness… I imagined the sun with a vast magical towel in his hands drying up the earth… a towel made out of luminous sunshine and optimism and goodness, which I too, got to wrapped myself with while outside... I felt giddy and all good inside.

The crows were particularly rambunctious this morning… their ruckus were heard loud and clear under the early autumnal sky…

They reminded me of the woman with the lovely voice I met this weekend, a crow of a singer all in black, who asked me when I went to meet her after the program was over, if she could touch my braids.  I know... my hair looks extra frizzy some days, and I totally understood... but I felt as if I was some sorts of a strange wooly type of a creature it had to be petted…

The zinnias are amazing little things...

Only yesterday I was holding those seeds in the palm of my hand, doubtful of what they would become, but today their flowers are the queens and princesses of my garden… all dressed up in pure glory.  I am planning on sowing zinnias all thought-out the garden next spring.

We went for our first stroll on foot through our neighborhood for the first time last evening. We discovered a cute little tiny house which housed a myriads of cats… they were everywhere. Never seen such a thing in my life.  I want a kitty.  Adieu!

Reminder:  Things I should do


  1. What a wonderful peek at your day, Cielo. You are blessed indeed! xo Diana

  2. Even a storm can make things cozy. Love your garden areas. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Beautiful. I love storms too. We've had here the most thunderous, rainy cloudy season since July I've ever seen here and I've been loving it so much. Every sound of thunder harbours the cozy feeling of cocooning. Every day I light candles in the kitchen and living room. Its been wonderful inside and Nature is loving it outside, perfection :-)

  4. I love the rain as it cleans and makes everything smell so good. Beautiful flowers in your garden. So glad that you are loving your new home.

  5. wonderful post ---- and I love your new banner, just beautiful!

  6. What a start to any day to sit in candlelight like that! I used to have a candle special for snowy home. I love your hair! Those braids are beautiful! You will love a kitty... They are so funny... But you cannot really own one. They must own you! Ha ha! Zinnias have always been one of my mom's favorites. I love them, too... And pansies. And roses.. And lilies... And hydrangeas! ... And... Well, you got it!

  7. What a lovely, magical way to start your day. Candles, rain and thunder. Like being cozily wrapped in the softest blanket while being serenaded by Mother Nature herself. Joy, peace and contentment.

  8. Beautiful zinnias Cielo! I was admiring them in a previous post. I love zinnias but I have a hard time with them in my climate, they always end up covered in white mildew. I do like that new music too.


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