Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In my cottage

Has it ever happened to you that all of a sudden things in your house start to brake down all at the same time more or less?  That’s exactly what’s going on around here lately.  Thus far, we had have to deal with a leaking pipe in our furnace's plumbing system, something that should had been revealed by the inspector who inspected our little cottage for things like this before us closing on the house, but never happened. Then it was our central heater not starting and then the air conditioning fan making this awful noise until it finally stopped working altogether. We should have seen it coming though, as most appliances and electrical products have fairly predictable life expectancy. And this is not a new home.

When we moved to our little white cottage in the woods we replaced and upgraded all of our kitchen appliances with stainless steel.  Except, for the dish washer.  There was nothing wrong with it other than it was old, and it wasn’t stainless steel and it didn’t match with the rest of the newer appliances.  I bragged about it for a little while until I tried it for the first time and discovered that I’d never had anything as nicer and as high-quality as that old dishwasher.  My dishes and glasses were unbelievably cleaner and shinier than ever.  And because it was a 15 years old model it was so easy to start it too… just a twist of the hand and you’d get it going right away—so not like today’s more modern and complicated appliances with all those buttons and options to chose from all in the tiniest of words you cannot even begin to read before running to go get your glasses… 

That was until the motor of our until now perfect dish washer went kaput on me the other day… how could that be?  I could not believe it. The good thing about this, though, is that now I have an all stainless steel kitchen appliances.  Exactly what I wanted!  Oh yes little heart stay focused on the positives stay focus on the positives stay focused… ;)

I so love my cute tiny kitchen… even when it is hard for both of us to cook in it at the same time for lack of space, and even if it doesn’t have all of the expected commodities, such as a much needed kitchen food waste disposal, or a formal pantry.  We can still manage and have figured out ways to make life easier, and it is still such cute and cozy little kitchen, and I love the cottagey feel to it.

Oh I just want to let you know that I’m working on a little Halloween story for you… a true story may I say, only with an added twist to it for some fun.  So stay tune my friends, daydreamers and readers!

  See you all super soon!


  1. Cielo, So sorry everything is going bad. But you now have a nice dishwasher. Most often my husband and I can fix about anything around here. We work well together. We have checked out the furnace before the cold weather arrives. That is something people should do. Hope you are having a better time now. xoxo,Susie

  2. Oh Susie how nice that you and your hubby are able to fix things around the house. We are not much of a handy people ;(

    Nice seeing you around!


  3. Cielo,
    So sorry things were breaking and yes that has happened to me before too where it seems everything decides to break at once! On the bright side, as you've said your kitchen has all matching appliances now ;-) I'm looking forward to the story!
    By the way, your kitchen is quite pretty!
    God bless you and Yours,
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  4. I think your kitchen is lovely Cielo, the colors are cozy and welcoming and most of all everything looks so neat and sparkly. Wish my kitchen could look that clean for more than 5 minutes. Can't wait to hear the Halloween story!

  5. Cielo , I'm so happy to know that you have your white cottage in the wood your kitchen is so cute and lovely, look like your cottage is so cozy so where are you living now are you more close to Florida.


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