Saturday, October 25, 2014

The magical book

I feel lonesome sometimes.  Loneliness descends upon me like some unholy, dark veil, and I often find myself walking in circles against the small boundaries of my little heart… but that’s just how it is sometimes and my life it really is lived to the fullest, and I’ve been blessed in a million ways. 

Today, we visited a black congregation among our denomination. I was enthralled by their camaraderie, and methodology of worshiping.  How fresh, and spontaneous and totally awesome this old-fashioned gospel praise and worship is… the down-home, head-swaying, hand-clapping, hand-waving and foot-stomping gospel music.  I felt so very close to God.  I truly want to emulate this passion in my worshiping. 

We have established some very warm friendship.  For the soul:  this is good.

The voices of blue Jays and the orange-breasted Robins ring like small high bells in the mid-morning tea-time of the birds. For the ears: this is good.

The sun on the privet and atop the maple trees slash down through the thicket when the wind sway leaves and branches forming a wing-ripple of light on floors and trees and everywhere. For the eyes: this is good. 

Crisp and golden as ripe apples days:  this is good too. 

Butterflies are everywhere—zinnias those magical colorful little jewels attract myriads of butterflies like honey to bees… I love to watch them flutter and dash around me without a care in the world… they must think I’m part of the October landscape.  It is no wonder I am an October child. 

Which reminds me of another October… once, long, long time ago on another autumnal day… a very strange looking old woman, and a magical book.  Which reminds me I owed you a story... and thus I have been visiting HOLLOW WOODS again.  That magical place where I dream.  That's where you'll find your story.     

October it surely is for dreaming and for magical and silly stories and for saying NO and YES and for being as free in spirit as birds are.  So do come visit!


  1. Hi child of October. The church you visited sounds like it has many similarities to the church I attend; lots of joy, raising hands to the heavens, and songs of praise.

  2. Wonderful post. What is that deep down lonesomeness that creeps up without warning and takes sometimes days to shake off? Even though we know we are truly blessed? I am off to visit HOLLOW WOODS...Happy Fall to you too..

  3. Your heart.....I don't believe it has small boundaries, I believe the boundaries of a womans heart is so very large, it encompasses such a wide radius she gets lost in it, and it feels lonely, being such a huge thing in a small world.....when there seems not enough around able to accept this love.
    Thank you for your Well Witches! lol and for the Wellspring of Worship, and for HOLLOW WOODS!
    from the Lady of the the the HOLLOW !

  4. I will, I will...

    "Here there be musing" blog
    "Here there be more words" blog
    "Here there be whimsy" blog

  5. It's the enchantment. Season most alive whistling in the season of slumber... I feel lonely, too...

  6. This to shall pass, I believe it's the change of the seasons.
    Wishing you a lovely day.


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