Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Busy busy all day… here and there, running errands in town and taking care of things, whilst getting drizzled on.  For it has been another rainy day around here, and cooler winds have brought down showers of autumnal leaves, to the point that the garden is a russet sea of maple leaves and such… and we’ve been rewarded with birds by the dozen of colorful woodpeckers, cardinals and blue Jays, and I've been getting the stiffness and cold out of my bones by going to the garden between rain spells and engage myself in he pleasant task of pulling out weeds weeds weeds… weeds that seem to explode after the rains, like magic.

I’m loving every minute of my days… rain, soft sunshine, the magical light of autumn, flowers swaying to the enchanting melody of the warm blowing winds, birds… myriads of birds and butterflies in my garden, coziness in the morning, breakfast by candlelight, books, reading moments, baking moments… life is filled with such loving moments!


I bought two lovely sets of earrings today for .50 each
I also got a gypsy headband.
I want some Jeggings to wear with my boots this fall.
My husband got me the prettiest of rubber rainboots for my birthday. Unique and special… an artist canvas of colorful flowers, from Sakroots. Ideal for sloshing around in rain, snow and any other weather conditions.
Last weekend I met some amazing woman at a convention I attended on my husband’s job. An African American and a white women, both past their 80s.  The name of one “Birdie” the other “Clarabelle”.  Both extraordinary, remarkable human beings with magical names.
I still want a kitty.


  1. The last paragraph is the most interesting to me. I wish I could have been with you when you met Birdie and Clarabelle. I love to listen to people whom have lived for a long time, they have such interesting stories to tell and the wisdom they impart is priceless. I think your kitty is coming just like your home took its time revealing itself to you. I think the choice is yours either to wait until she comes to your door or if you going looking for a kitten that speaks to you. You are definitely a cat person.

  2. one more thing...I see you have the pink cover book open again, this time to October. The last time you showed this book was in February and so many asked for the name of this beautiful book, but I never saw your reply. Please, please share the title Cielo, the artwork is lovely and I would love to see what is written on the other months of the year.

  3. Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! I enjoy the pretty glimpses of your world. Birdie and Clarabelle sound delightful. Let's be them in a few... I too want a kitty... And love your pretty tablescapes.

  4. Staying busy keeps us young. But those loving cozy moments are ever so special. Embrace each one of them. Earrings, Jeggings, and boots...You are now officially a Southern Gal! LOL... Get your kitty cat soon. They are nice to snuggle with on a cold winter day. Nice to hear from you today.

    1. Hahaha... guess I am officially a Southern Gal! ;)


  5. oh my goodness, you have NO idea how I wish I were at that table, and eating those cinnamon thingys, touching those green candleholders, and reading through that illuminated book I'm also curious about !!!!

  6. I just came back to see if you had posted the name of that book we are wondering about, the one with the illuminated writing? can you please share the name of it?


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