Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The moon in my garden...

I have brought in all my ferns and geraniums from the garden to winterize.  The geraniums remain in the garage under the two windows where indirect light will sustain them throughout the winter months.  Some ferns remain there also, as I don't have space inside the house to bring them all in, but some of them are now festooning our dining room area with their green preciousness and vibe. 

winterizing; ferns, decorating in black and white

I love the amount of light and atmosphere of this room 

Black and white decorating, plants, winterizing

...and I love that the green from the ferns goes so well with all the black and white there... like magical burst of life.  

 Witches cauldrons have been filled with pansies for the winter too. 

flowerpots, pansies, cauldrons used as flowerpots

Witches cauldrons intended for collecting candies on Halloween.  But perfect flower pots to me... and for less than $7.00.  Per-fect!

When I was out there planting pansies, it occurred to me it was time to transform the old thrift store table that I had there since the day we moved to our little white cottage, into a cheery accent.  I'm not a decorative painter. I'm not even good at stenciling anything either, but I can always opt for a decorative furniture makeover trick that it can make me look like a decorative painter ;)

Decorating with self adhesive shelf paper, black and white.

Self adhesive shelf paper.... An easy way to fake a decorative finish when you don't have decorative painting skills.  

Voila! A decorative table that required no artistic painting skills.  I love this black and white zebra design.  The thick glossy paper is easy to clean. I'm using a plate under the flower pot to protect the finish. 

Self adhesive shelf paper on furniture.

 The moon must had fallen down from the sky the other night.  

fairy gazing balls

It now resides in our pond.

garden fairy gazing balls

If you look closer 'round the pond, you'll discover a brighter second moon....

Late, on autumnal evenings, mermaid Maritza sings lullabies by it, as she guards it

Did I mentioned that these lovely moons were originally bowling balls?  Yes, now turned into magical garden gazing ball... or moons.  Love it.

This afternoon, we thinned out some of the trees resting at the edge of the garden.  If we were to let things be, soon the woods that skirt our gardens will take over our tiny cottage and swallow it up.  I like the canopy of gentle branches that hangs over the pea gravel paths that flow like rivers throughout the garden, but tree branches had gotten super bushier during the summer and had spread out so much that they were practically covering the entire paths.  It looks really nice now that the area has opened up a bit, letting some light shine through. 
Aren't those patches of afternoon light filtering through branches behind the cherub lovely!

"Oh, listen, little Dear-My-Soul to the fairy voices calling, for the moon is high in the misty sky and the honey dew is falling; To the midnight feast in the clover bloom the bluebells are a-ringing, and it's come away to the land of fay, that the katydid is singing". - Eugene Field

See you soon!






  1. Hola preciosa!
    Que gusto verte por estos lares in blogland. Hope all is well with you and your family.
    Beautiful post and the pot with the lovely pansies is lovely. I love your glass porch, what a warm, cozy and serene room to spend time listening to music and reading a good book.
    The statues in your garden are wonderful, love them.
    Mil abrazos Cielo,

  2. Your room looks so perfect and love what you did with the cauldron pots.

  3. Your room is so light and pretty. Love all the windows. The flowers look pretty.

  4. Oh how I wish I had a green thumb! This is all so beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us at the Your Home Decor & More Link Party!

  5. Beautiful Garden!!! I love the whimsical touches. Thank you for sharing at the Your Home Decor and More Link Party. Pinning and Sharing. Can't wait to see what you have done lately! The link party is now open until Friday!


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