Sunday, October 18, 2015

Of fairies and witches

The darling little fairies of my heart who visited our little white cottage the other day had an exciting time playing in the garden...

While playing, they discovered some old, thrift store one dollar bowling balls scattered around the flowerbeds and shrubs that a certain witch must had forgotten behind...

And decided to turn them into something else... ;)

With a bolt of white light from the tip of their magic wands they
transformed them
into some lovely fairy gazing balls.

"Alohomora!"  They commanded
and puff....

Some pieces of art with a bit of their own personality they got!...

Even Dumbledore would had been impressed~

The white witch... 

and her white cat 

came back for another stroll in the garden 
and found the little fairies' gazing balls

Boy were they proud!
They could have not been any happier... 
What a fun day that was!

We still have one more bowling ball to finish up.  I wonder what it will look like this time or what it will be turned into, as our magic is not always that precise and you'd never know what we can come up with... Hopefully our spells will be the right one and no frog will be turned into a prince or anything like that... although I'd not mind if one of the fishes in the pond could be changed into Mr. Darcy any day! ;)  Oh well friends, I best be going to bed now, as I'm starting to see swirls of nonsense bursting out of me... my eyes widening with anticipation... ;)

What to do when you can't sleep?  Bah!  Make more bad stories?
Or go to the darkened garden and deadhead the roses?
Do tell me what do you do when you can't find your sleep!




  1. ... Then I visit your blog :)

  2. I wished the faeries would come to my garden and make a pretty star ball for it. When I cannot sleep I will just get up for a an hour or two and than back to bed. That is if I can get to sleep in the first place.

  3. What a lovely, magical day spent with your little visiting fairies. They have that certain flair for transforming just like their witchy hostess. Does your mysterious white visitor have a name or is she (?) a sometimes visitor like Alba?

    1. Oh Sherry I haven't got the time to figure out this great mystery yet, my friend... where did he/she came from, what his/her name might be.... here, in real-land, I've been practically going cuckoo babysitting our two most vibrant, little darlings while mom and dad are vacationing... oh please can someone send me Mary Poppins or Nanny McPhee my way... fast! ;)


    2. You poor dear, while I don't have children let alone grand children, I think having them with you for more than a couple of days would be exhausting. Its just of matter of the change in the rhythm of your day. The endless energy and keeping them entertained is the hardest of all jobs. I'd be better suited to offer my help pulling weeds in your garden.
      I'll send out an SOS for Mary and Nanny to please come rescue you right away.

  4. Cielo...magical...all of it. Who knew that old bowling balls could be something so special and beautiful. When I can't sleep, I go out on our pool deck and stargaze. The stars are so bright when the rest of the world is asleep. Please come and share at Five Star Frou-Frou. We'd love to have you back. Love, Mimi xxx

    1. Thank you for the invite... I hope I left my link on the right place ;)


    2. You sure did, and I've featured your post this week. How could I not? Love, Mimi xxx

    3. Oh Mimi what an honor.... I thank you, my friend.



  5. I love those bowling balls/gazing balls. What a neat idea! When I can't sleep, I paint or draw, sometimes read or surf the web.

  6. These are simply gorgeous :) My compliments to the fairies!


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