Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Autumn magic

Oh, do forgive me for peeking in again so soon, would you?  I cannot keep away for too long...  you see, days are so precious, mornings so sweet, and the sun shines so purely and lovely that I just had to come back here and share it all with you! 

The foliage has been losing its freshness, and one can find a golden leaf here, a crimson one there... the exuberant summer colors has faded from the borders and the last roses have found a bed in rainbow-tints of beauty all over the garden.  My soul sings...

The garden has started to go into its rests.... 
it rests, awaiting for the enchantment of days to come.  

It awaits for showers of crimsoned, toasted autumnal jewels 
and wind blowing through giant leaves... 

and glows of lamps through windows in the early morning... 

I'm sure the wood fairies must love it too... I mean, the glows of lamps on windows in the early morning...  

And I can attest to that because I have seen them do so... ah yes, right at the first light of day, that's when fairies would usually come out of the woods and approach to take a peek inside. Must be the magic of golden glow of lamps what attract them, I'm sure...  You see, the ability to perceive fairies, is easier than one might think...  

Wispy fairy like vines are putting on flowers... 
Hummingbirds and butterflies love them too!

Oh, listen, little Dear-My-Soul to the fairy voices calling, for the moon is high in the misty sky and the honey dew is falling; To the midnight feast in the clover bloom the bluebells are a-ringing, and it's come away to the land of fay, that the katydid is singing. - Eugene Field

A hundred years or more from now, I will be still loving autumnal days... a thought that keeps me wonder if perhaps that's why another a hundred years or more ago I was brought onto this earth on a particularly lovely October day.  Yes, another birthday coming up this Sunday oh my! ;)

I'd have to blame these lovely autumnal days for all the magic swirling in me and about me... ah autumn, a magic beyond all we do here!  Are you an Autumnal gal too?

Autumn calls for some imagination... and I'm so ready to dream!  Would you come with me into the magical woods beyond the gardens and see what dreams and magical adventures await for us there? Well, what are you waiting for... come on! 
See you soon darlings!


  1. I'll be waiting with the fairies for you early tomorrow morning.

  2. Thinking back on your posts from as far back as the house in the roses, there is a shift in the tone of your words when Autumn comes. Instead of the spring/summer garden being your inspiration, your words come from inside your winter soul. Like your stories of the mysterious neighbor, Frederic Minton and the owl, whose name I cant remember. Being born in December, I am more of a fall/winter girl. I love the colors and coolness of fall, the crackling fires and hearty stews cooking in the kitchen.

    1. Dear Sherry, you have been blessed with an extraordinary perception. It truly amazes me how you are able to read my soul time after time. You are gifted. Only a few are able to see beyond the obvious, and you are one of those gifted souls. It is always with such exactitude that you decipher me, that now I know I cannot hide from you. You'll always know how to find me in the deepness of my heart, where I often hide from most people.

      I have never told you this, but I often think about a particularly remarkable comment you left me a while back. How precious your understanding of my soul, and how much it helped me back then... thank you dear one... please don't ever stop coming by...


  3. Oh yes, autumn is so full of magic. For me, born in September, it is a special season... to walk and see all the colors, that heavenly light, hear the peaceful quietness...
    Thank you, Cielo.

  4. Glad you accept anonymous comments. I didn't used to be able to comment but I've read your blogs for a long time! You write so mystically and gracefully. You truly have a gift. I share your birthday and we are somewhat soul sisters in our beliefs. Hope God continues to bless you with all your hearts desires another year and many more! Thank you for sharing on your blog!


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