Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Snowy day...

Oh... it's snowing...
it's snowing again!!

All day today, it's been snowing on and off and on...
slowly, gently...
truly magical...

The garden is a white cotton field...
when it is in bloom

A place where magic flourish...
as heaven and earth watch in amazement...

 ...white fluffed cotton balls coming down ever so softly from the sky,
cotton balls... that's what snowflakes look like!

Snow... cleaning our world... 
and making you dream! 
a woman dreaming inside a snow globe...

Mr. 'Snowy Owl' out there is loving it too!
And I love seeing him from my sit behind the window
even if he's not real!
...'cause that's just how silly I am ;)

Snow that looks like fine powdery sugar on dried leaves....

 It is magical...
A snow globe of a world..

Is it snowing where you live?

...Here's a little peek into my snowy world,
taken earlier this morning when it still wasn't snowing that much yet...
Lovely, me thinks! 

Enjoy! ;)

Is it snowing wherever you are?
I'm so ready for some serious sunshine and warmth!
Almost there
I hope! ;)


  1. It's snowy her4e today - coming down hard right now!

    We had mild temps for a week or two prior to this. What a strange winter it has been.

    Love your images. Hugs. ♥

    Have a wonderful week of love!

    1. Strange winter indeed. On reading my diary yesterday I realized that by Jan 26 last year I had already planted all my bulbs and painted all garden furnishing. Can you imagine! I have done nothing thus far outside yet. Too cold!


  2. Yes it is snowing here today too! Not sticking much. I am ready for spring!

    1. Not sticking round here either... all gone now. But what truly magical moment that was yesterday... and yes, I'm so ready for spring. I am I am!


  3. no snow here. I used to love those quiet giant snowflakes falling so silently but with such delicate power. Every year they fascinated me. Enjoy!

    1. Oh Lady of the Woods... how lovely your name. And so nice seeing you here! Have to go by and see how your garden is doing... Love it!


  4. No snow here in Florida, but it sure is cold!! Thank you for sharing your snow, it is beautiful, and I love hearing your voice and lovely accent. Blessings Cielo!

    1. Oh oh oh Delaine, thank you thank you dear.... so nice to hear that. I'm so conscious of my accent and sometimes... I tried to hide it.... but I can't ;) ;)

      Blessings to you too my friend down in Florida... I'll be there next week--Tampa.
      Can't hardly wait for some warmth... we're freezing here.


  5. Very much rain here in Belgium...

    1. Oh enjoy the rain Rita... it's magical... really! ;)


  6. I so love your beautiful blog, and your enchanting world that you create! It is a magical place with snow, sunshine or rain. Yes, we had snow in Alabama, but I drove deep into the south of our beautiful state, and found beautiful sunsets and seabirds.

  7. My darling CIELO, what magical shots you've made during this slight, amazing snowfall !
    Thank you for sharing them !

    Have a day filled with joy and wonder,
    sending love to you

  8. How wonderful to see you come visit me! Como estas preciosa? Seguro que bien, solo con mucho frio, no?
    I can't believe how beautiful your garden looks snowed up, specially that pretty statue. Thanks for the video, it was lovely to see how it snows in your neck of the woods.
    Here, where I live is near the Andes, so it is cold, not like in the States, but cold non the less.
    Feliz Valentin y muchos abrazos.

  9. I loved this! It is the first time I have heard your beautiful voice, but I imagined it to have that lyrical, lovely melody in it! I almost felt hypnotized. This morning as I looked out my snowy window, I think I saw my fairies with little coats and scarves on!They had been chatting on the faeirie line with yours... Lovely, magical post, dear friend.

  10. Thank you for sharing a live shot of your happy place. It is a different experience to see it come alive and more enchanting as it snows. You are a sweet soul. It is funny how the sound of someone's voice can let you verify that. It is all of our senses that make us whole. Tu alma y tu ser son una belleza.


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