Monday, February 15, 2016

In Florida

We took another little escape this past weekend and flew down south to FL again. One of the many blessings of not having to go to work as I used to, it definitely is being able to accompany my husband on most of his business trips... and he does loads of travel! 

The day before we left our little white cottage, the sun had come out in all its awe-inspiring, fresh-faced glories and it shone all day long casting countless blessings all over the land... which it gave me the opportunity to finally come out of my little burrow for the first time since I came back home from our last and very exhausting trip and go for a little shopping spree... to cheer me up, and get something new for our trip to FL.

Boots  to be worn in FL?  Ok ok... I get it! ;) But it's been so cold where we live, and they were only $12.  Aren't they the cutest thought!  From Rue 21

I love these Ann Taylor leopard print calf hair pumps 

They're so cool!  Brand new and for jut a few dollars.  
Perfect for the Goodwill Fashionista me! ;) 
Did you know that Goodwill carries brand new shoes?
They do... sometimes they do... 
you will just have to see what you can find
(and that is the adventure).  

Whenever we get to go to FL we always make sure to spend some time with parents and siblings living there. I love to visit my mother in law, who has a lovely backyard filled with all sorts of fruit trees from mangoes to avocados to guavas, plantains and nisperos....

a garden overlooking a lake
where the coo song of the mourning dove is different...
and I'm not kidding when I say this...
the FL mourning doves have a totally different song.

and where you'll always find a large variety of 'orquideas' (orchids) growing...

In every color and shape...
Only just a few of them were in bloom at this time...

When we arrived, my mother in law had a 
specially lovely 'orquidea' already waiting for me...
in a cup of water...

She wanted me to wear it on my hair....
A lo Frida Kahlo style ;)
So I did...

I'm truly happy whenever I get to be with those I love.  I am so blessed to have them in my life cherish them love them... being able to see them more often now that we live south and closer to them it truly is a blessing.  Happiness never decreases by being shared that's for sure!  

And here is a peek into what I'm looking at right this moment...

The view from our Tampa balcony where my husband
is attending some meetings this week...

Enjoy each moment my friend... 
and rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.

I'm so ready for some serious warmth back home, you guys.... oh oh and for mud all over my skin!!
Yes yes I am so ready for spring!!  
are you ready for some gardening too?   No?  Not yet?

See you super soon
back at the little white cottage



  1. Florida plants are always so pretty and tropical :) Looks like a lovely place.

    I am so ready for spring. Cold and rainy here today. But the snow missed us once again.

  2. Are you going to the Columbia in Ybor City? The 1905 salad is my very favorite!! Enjoy our beautiful weather!!

    1. ohhhh we heard about it but haven't tried it yet... we're at Busch Gardens now ♡ it

    2. Oh Cielo, you have to go there. Not only is the food wonderful, it is will love it!

  3. Gustavo Woltmann thinks roses are a beautiful flower- Gustavo Woltmann


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