Sunday, February 21, 2016

Our Sunday at home

Last week when we were in Tampa, we heard a whole lot about a famous restaurant they have there... located in the lovely Tampa Bay area.  After one of my readers suggested we should go see it, we finally decided to go 'investigate' for ourselves...  Thank you, Delaine!!  I looked for you in every woman that passed by and smiled ;)

To be truthful, we didn't find the food too authentic, but the restaurant in it self is a jewel, and a must see if you are visiting Tampa

This is such a beautiful place...  owned and operated by 5 generations over 110 years and deemed by the USA Today one of America’s Most Historic Restaurants; as it is the oldest in the entire state of Florida.  It has a marvelous openness to it and peaceful atmosphere where their yesterdays and our todays mingle and come alive in a lovely room overlooking the ocean....

We liked it so much, we decided to 'imitate' some of their dishes for our lunch today... of course, adding our 'authentic' flavors to it...

I made the 'Arroz con Pollo' -- Chicken and Yellow Rice "Valenciana" and the Fisherman took charge of his favorite... the 1905 salad. 

I am so happy to be able to enjoy the quietness and peacefulness of our quaint little cottage again.... The clouds are like marble in the sky, and it's been cloudy and cold today and spring seems so far away... but I love being here and love the coziness and freedom of home... 

A new angel is now watching over the woods... 

Oh can you see him... over there?  An angel descending, bringing from above echoes of mercy, and whispers of love...

So, never fear what lies ahead as you travel deep into the wood, my friend... for there are angels by your side watching over you... ;)  Really, isn't he just lovely?... sitting there, at the entrance of the woods which lay behind the gardens, it brings forth such an array of thoughts... and to my mind things like an old book of dark fairy tales, a secret garden, an aristocratic family in old England, a love denied; a mystery.... 

The bougainvillea plant in my dinning room is blooming profusely,
being it is such a small plant...  

I'm so enjoying this vibrant little corner of sunshine and a handful of spring by the window in our dinning room... it is such a haven of joy on short cloudy wintry days, like today..

How's your Sunday thus far?  Quiet, stressful, happy or plainly boring? Whatever you do, find the magic in it, my friend.... 
I'm sure if you really look, you'll find it!
The trick to life is finding your magic, 
finding the meaning that will drive you forward every single day of your life.




  1. sooooo beautiful......and one of my favorite comfort foods of all time, arroz con pollo.....I've been enjoying alot lately a Provencal Salad which is similar to the 1905. Lovely post.

  2. yay!!! I'm so glad you were able to go to the Columbia, did you go to the one in Ybor city? How did your husbands 1905 salad turn out? I love your new last name is Gabriel, so I have a real love of angels! ;)

    1. Oh yes we did... Ybor City with the ocean outside... My husband loved his salad so much, he had to tried making it at home... very simple to make. I have to tell you about my experience thought... the minute I saw my 'Boliche' I knew I was about to be disappointed. And I was right. The sauce was just plainly gravy over the meat, and the black beans were less than boring and missing all the awesomeness of the authentic flavors...

      Thank YOU Delaine!


    2. Ohhh, but truly a lovely place to go and eat, if you're not too demanding of what you eat... all in all We really liked it and will certainly go back... ;)


  3. Que lugar tan hermoso. Me encanta su historia. It looks very welcoming too. Cielo, Arroz Con Pollo es mi plato favorito. A mi me encanta preparar este delicioso plato para mi familia. El tuyo se ve super rico.

    Lovely photos amiga.



  4. What a lovely day I'm sure you've spent in a so wonderful place !
    I love your new Angel, it gives something like a sense of protection ... thank you for sharing all these amazing things in your beautiful images, my darling Cielo,
    may your weekend be blessed with joy,
    with heartfelt gratitude


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