Friday, September 25, 2015

In the garden and at sea!

There’s a delicious nippiness hanging from the fingertips of mornings...

And the skies posses that magical crispy blue-pink tint to it that 
makes you believe you're walking on a fairytale.

The field around the woods
have come alive again...
I'm collecting some its jewels
to adorn my soul with them...

Completely, perfectly, incandescently happy!

These are the kind of days that imbue your soul with dreams and hopes 
and everything that's good...

Peace in your soul
Moonlight on your window...
And then, in the garden, the air smells like sugar cane 
and it is sweet with the faint scents of vanilla fragrance 
wafting from wild honeysuckle 
and butterfly bushes.  

Wispy fairy-like butterflies are everywhere

Magical jewels of the garden

To adorn my soul with...

Large yellow and black bees hanging around

Rose bushes blooming like crazy

Still unbelievable beautiful at this time of year! 

The pond is looking prettier than ever...
My heart is humbled... 
Do you believe your dreams can come true? 
Believe believe, always believe!...

Roses more beautiful that ever...

Can you believe this~
Petal-filled magical corridors!
I'm I dreaming?  
I can't believe this is the same place of  just a year ago!..
I'm sure if I pay close attention I can see the wood fairies
making lovely head garlands with all those petals...
Seasons mingling...
crimson radiance bursting through.

The mingling of seasons, the tango between summer and autumn...

Look around you, open your eyes—really open them. 
Life is fleeting; pay attention to your surroundings and love every minute of it.

I know this is a long post with lots of photographs, but I wanted to leave you plenty of inspiration around in case you'd want to come back whilst I am away... Yes yes, I am going away for a few days on a cruise!! For an entire week, in fact! Can you imagine a week at sea without being able to visit Pinterest! Unbearable! I've never been on one of those humongous ships in my entire life and I'm a bit antsy about it... First, I won't think I'm not standing on land, of course... and then, I know for a fact that I won't be using the pools, hot tubs and water slides. Neither will I visit the roller blade track, ice skating rink, no rock climbing wall or basketball/volleyball/tennis court for me, no pool tables, game room, etc... Boy what I bore I am! Do you think there may be a Japanese garden somewhere in that ship where I can go read and write and talk to the birds? OK darlings, wish me luck would you! ;) We're leaving on Sunday.... see you all soon!


  1. A garden tended with so much love could not help but be as beautiful as yours. The roses are amazing. I went on a cruise from San Diego to Acapulco several years ago and I really enjoyed it. I loved being on the ocean and feeling the gentle rocking. We had a outside cabin with a balcony and I could sit there for hours just reading and hearing the ocean all around me. The most memorable thing about the cruise was walking to the very front of the ship late one night and seeing nothing but the most beautiful night sky of a thousand stars. There was no sounds except the ocean being parted by the ship and I felt like I was in another world. It was unforgettable. I hope you enjoy your cruise and I cant wait to hear your favorite experience.

    1. Sherry, indeed a magical experience! Will be sharing all with you al later


  2. I wish you a rainbow of luck :)

  3. Beautiful post. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Hope you find something enjoyable on the trip.

  4. Cielo, I just returned from a Meditteranean cruise having never ventured on a ship before either. We loved it, and so will you. Beautiful post and Bon Voyage. Love, Mimi xxx

    1. Ah yes I would most definitely do it again

  5. Your garden is so alive with color, its a real treat for the eyes. I hope you are having fun on the cruise! Maybe the ship has hanging gardens like the ones Semiramis had in Babylon!

    1. Can hardly wait to see how my garden is looking these days.... 😀

  6. I'm a little concerned about your cruise with the hurricane out there! I will be relieved to hear from you and know you are ok!

    1. Dear Delaine thank you for your concern. We're at the airport right now heading home. Tired, but fine. Nice to be able to get internet again! So nice of you for asking.



  7. -clapping hands- I think I solved the "Blog Size Issue," for Everyone!!!!!

    Your blog shows too wide, on my big screen. I can not see the whole thing, without scrolling back and forth.

    But now, finding out how to make my screen size show Full Size, all of your blog shows on my computer. Happy....



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