Monday, September 21, 2015

Black White Gold Home Design

It is no secret...  I am swoon over the mix of black and white...  

Head over heels for bold patterned black and white designs

Black and white is sophisticated, chic, and timeless. 
From horizontal stripes to dots, spots, to all sorts of graphics... 
I'm head over heels in love.

Ah yes, black and white is good, but if you add some gold to this combo, things can really become luxurious and irresistible...  

Soooo... I've been incorporating some gold/metallic in my style lately....

and loving it!

A luxury combination I must follow, I can tell you that! ;) 

Black and white, and patterned gold pillows....  


Instead of a throw, I'm using a favorite scarf wrap fashioned with gold threads on the sofa....
it adds some texture and visual interest, with a luxurious touch, that I love.

A little gift box that I decorated using paint, wrapping paper and Mod Podge...

Lots of black and white patterns everywhere...

Loving all those gold touches!

What do you think?  Do you like it?

We are being gifted with some very specially glorious days... like today.  Such divine days to be outside and work the garden and experience all the beauty bursting around and about everywhere I turn.  

The fields are blooming again, and I'm spending my days collecting wildflowers.  There has been rain in the night, and the whole garden seems to be singing.  Birds too, are enjoying these cool days as much as I am.  They come in by the dozens and you can find them at any time of day fluttering around the garden from tree to tree, chasing each other, and having a ball of a kind round the bird feeders...  

They were all out today, so it seemed, and the garden was enchanted by their songs.  I have brought in little posies of wildflowers from round our little white cottage, and they're such a delight.  I have filled almost every jar and pretty mugs I could find with their wild glories, and I go from room to room admiring at everything I see.  

My heart sings its adorations to the Great Invisible--ever present God I serve, for all His blessings upon this speck of dust that I am.  And oh, it seems so greedy of me to keep so much loveliness to oneself... I wish and long to share all this with you, my kindred spirit friends who visit me here--this very special place I so love....  so there, receive all the blessings I am sending your way via prayers and good wishes...  And thanks for being here my friends!




  1. Cielo, you are singing my song. Black, white, metallic and pearl are my favourite things. Except I like just a sprinkling of baby blush pink and softest sage amongst mine to prettify it and take the edge off. Your d├ęcor is divine. It's Spring here and the gardens are lush and bursting with beautiful blooms. I wish you could see our garden as we do yours. Love, Mimi xxx

  2. I love all the Black and White it looks wonderful. We have had very hot days the last fours days. Almost Autumn though. My Garden is dying down now except yhe Fushcias are blooming. I found a new one at the nursery the day half off Angels earrings. They are lovely. Wonderful post I enjoyed it with love Janice

  3. Blessings to you too, Cielo. :)

  4. Sept. 22

    Happy Eve of the Autumn Equinox, to you!

  5. Black and white speak to me too. Love the pop of gold mixed in.
    Happy Autumn!

  6. Such beautiful patterns and colors. I love the touches of gold Cielo! Thank for joining Home Sweet Home!

  7. I was so glad to have you join me this week Cielo for HSH! I will feature you today on the party and I have missed your visits! I have lost track of you with the blog switch, Thanks for coming by!

  8. What a beautiful blog! Thank you for sharing your lovely designs with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! I have enjoyed my visit here :) I look forward to following along...


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