Monday, September 7, 2015


Did you get to go somewhere for the long weekend?  No?  We decided we should drive down to South Florida and spend a few days with dear parents and siblings.  On our way there, we stopped for a night and a day in St. Augustine--a lovely exotic little town where history and century-old ghosts know how to come alive in red-brick lanes that lead them to ancient churches, and in dwellings and forts where soldiers still walk the grounds. 

We love the old-fashioned atmosphere and attractiveness and charm of St. Augustine

Its oddly picturesque houses, historical sites, old 'casas' and 'empredrados' and peculiarities...

A charming and unusual town in an interesting, pleasing way...  where time mingles with moments; the yesterdays with our todays...  

Lovely balconies and rustic facades...

I had to stop at this little shop for a sip of charm, of course...

And take with me one or two things...

An adorable, quaint little stop called Gypsy Moon where you'll find the cutest gypsy/boho dresses, skirts, jewelry and such...


We enjoyed seeing all the Byzantine style frescoes in this unique shrine and museum dedicated to the first Greek colony in the US... established in 1768, can you imagine?

I took this pictures especially for one of my readers, our friend at "Housetropical", in Costa Rica, because I know how much she likes old crosses and religious artifacts...  I hope you like it, my friend! ;)

I bought this little black crocheted poncho at the Gypsy Moon, put it on and continued our lovely stroll though the city until our departure, around noon.

It was super hot and humid... but we really enjoyed our little stay.  We had some perfectly lovely days visiting with our parents later.  My sister Lissette and her husband drove a few miles themselves from Vero Beach to meet with us for those few days...  what a fun and blessed days.  We're now back home to our little white cottage.  A lot of things to do outside, but that will have to wait until tomorrow...

It is so nice seeing you all again!




  1. I've always wanted to go to St. Augustine. Your photos are a lovely peek. Have a wonderful week.

  2. That will be put on our to visit list. I would love to visit that store, the clothes look lovely.

  3. St Augustine... one of our favourite escapes. Only this weekend we too ventured to South Florida. We live in North Central Florida, and always try and go somewhere on long weekends.The weather was hot... but beautiful.
    Glad you got to enjoy some Florida sunshine Cielo.

  4. The Gypsy Moon! What a great name. Glad you had fun! I didn't go anywhere, but my son did, so that was fun for me, too. We celebrated his birthday today. I loved the little look at our old city.

  5. What a lovely place to visit. I love places like that with many small shops. I would definitely have stopped at the Gypsy Moon and left with one of those pretty dresses or skirts. That is totally my style.
    Glad you had a nice visit with your family. So nice to travel, but always good to come home again.

  6. Oh Cielo, how beautiful! Thank you for thinking of me and taking those pictures of the icons and crosses! What a fascinating museum that must be! I had no idea that the first Greek colony in the U.S. dated back that far. I am in love with those verandas covered in greenery and colorful hanging baskets. Gypsy Moon Boutique looks like a shop where I could spend hours! It looks like you had a delightful time soaking up the sunshine with family and doing some shopping as well. Un gran abrazo amiga, y gracias!

  7. I've been to St Augustine once. I love places like that. Great shop.

    No trip for us but our granddaughters came for a visit. Love having our girls here.

  8. Lovely Cielo, I stayed home and did a sidewalk sale.. and some cleaning at my Mama's house.. it was nice to rid of some things that much needed to go.. I really haven't traveled in my life always wished that I could.. I dream of many place to go.. but that's about all.. have a wonderful rest of the week..with love Janice

    1. Hi Lovely Janice... the best trips are always the ones treasured in our hearts and mind... alas, imagination always knows how to take me there... ;) Good to see you my friend!



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