Friday, November 14, 2014

Painting the bathroom

It is a swirling and whirling of leaves out there and the temperature has dropped down to 23. The feral cat, Tuxedo, keeps coming back for the warmth of the settee out in the front porch; and I can tell when he’s been there because he keeps knocking down the pretty pillow in azures and sapphire colors I keep there.  I guess he must not like that pillow for some reason.

It is very cold outside, but inside it feels deliciously warm and cozy and beautiful everywhere you look.  

The next day after I worked on restoring the grout in our master bathroom I decided it was finally time to paint the walls; something I’ve been wanting to do since we moved to our little cottage, but was afraid of the task and thus I kept postponing it.  I knew that once I had started this project I wasn’t going to stop until it was all done.  And I was right.  I painted seven straight hours... going up and down coats after coats.  At the end of the day I was truly exhausted and achy all over, but ever so happy it was all done. 

I love to take long, hot baths, so the extra big bathtub was on top on my list of blessings when we found our little cottage, but the paint there was a yellowish-creamy color, which made everything looked opaque and unclean.  Now it is crisp clean white walls and floors.  The bright white grout made a huge difference too.  

I did some redecorating there too.  I wanted to go outside the box and use tall window drapery panels instead of a regular shower curtain. I’m envisioning some white ruffled panels for a cottagey feel, but haven’t found what I want yet, so for now I’m using my pink Rachel Ashwell curtains temporarily, and I’ve also dressed up the window over the bathtub in sheer pink.  I love the soft pink glow that saturates the bathroom when kissed by sunlight.

I still haven’t figured out yet what to do about the water proof backing part… I might have to use a second rod for the plastic liner… but we’ll see.  Pink it is for now!

This is an unfinished job for sure.  I still want to replace the hideous six light Hollywood vanity fixture for something nicer, but if we must keep it, I will definitely paint it too, and I’m still planning on framing both of the basic vanity mirrors…

Oh forget Medusa—
She'll only come out at night, but sometimes she likes to help around

Oh Sherry, I took this picture just for you! It is the same view as the second picture down on my previous post.  I have sheer white panels installed there, so you can’t see the pond real well, but not much to see these days anyway… the water is frozen and the fountain has been shut down for the winter.

Thank you for being here with me my friends~

“We are kindred spirits, you and I... One day you will realize you don't have to fight your nature. You can live your life freely... I want to be there when that happens.”
― T.T. Escurel, The House of Rose


  1. Your latest project looks great. there is nothing like white, so clean, fresh and serene. Then you add your pops of color for a little excitement and energy. Thanks for taking the picture. Even though you cant see the pond I forget you are in the early stages of winter there so it wont look like the summer pond now. I love your dining area with its window to the garden and woods. Starting the morning off there would be wonderful and so cozy with the candles lit and natures show.
    Cant wait for your next project.

  2. I like the wall color. The pink stool is cute near the tub. I am loving that wicked head of hair. Wish mine was like that. :) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Hi Cielo, such lovely pictures to look at this morining. The pink and white is so soft and romantic looking..such a soothing place to relax in a bubble bath. Again, your posts always bring inspiration and a feeling of happiness to me...take care, Sue

  4. It sounds like you are settling so nicely into your charming cottage in the woods, Cielo. Love the changes that you're making, and that picture of you is just adorable. :) Stay warm and cozy in that darling home, sweet friend!

    xoxo laurie

  5. I recall not all that long ago reading your post about finding your little white cottage.. What a beautiful place to live. It must be like heaven to you..finding your dream home. The photo of you in the mirror is just gorgeous! You are doing a beautiful job of making your cottage your own.

  6. Love all the pink. Pretty!

  7. I have a silver pitcher, a milk glass pitcher and a pitcher with flowers on it just like the one by your bathtub!! Did you unpack my stuff in your house...hee, hee. Glad you are doing great! loving your pictures. Di@Cottage-Wishes


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