Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Back home...

Our eyes to the outside...
One of the two windows in our master room 


I love it that it gifts us with the view of every changing season
from just steps away from our bed...


 And at the kiss of dusk, 
when outside light goes dim 
and the insides get fill with tickling little stars

A single rose
One of the last gift of the season


All about us is still and familiar and sweet


I love this little painting of the purest of white roses.
A treasure found at a estate sale, two houses down the hill from our little cottage.

Autumn leaves scattered around

How happy and thankful I am to be back to the peacefulness of our little white cottage; to be able to have made it back in one piece altogether after a whole week of traveling and experiencing some of our biggest and overpopulated cities—D.C., and N.Y.C.—with it’s irresistible charm and permanent revolution… life changes irremediably as you walk the streets of NYC… you become a poet of people and of the diversity of some very marvelous subjects—a sea of souls.  Some lost, some beyond reach I suppose.  And you feel enveloped and cheerful as though in an atmosphere of the marvelous.  NYC is an instantaneous magnetism.  And I loved it all, but always happy to return to the gentleness and oddities of our rural realm…

Our little white cottage is still standing whole too—a total relief and we found it tenderly sleeping in the arms of autumn.  We slept on a cold house last night, with only the warmth of our bodies to soothe our dreams.  And finally this morning the heating guys came and fixed our heater.  The little cottage feels warm again, and wonderfully cozy in an autumnal morning like this… and I find myself adoring the simple, the unimportant, the small... going from room to room admiring each little thing, changing a pillow here, turning on all the little lights here and there. The fairy lights like tiny whispers in the morning. 

Outside, the fallen leaves have taken possession, and now that the thicket is starting to thin out, birds of every kind are seen everywhere in their natural home.  The cardinals and the black birds and blue jays—bright blue above the oranges and crimsoned colors of autumn.  Birds with their fondness for acorns and ripe fruits chasing each other; chasing the wind.  I just can’t seem to have enough of them.

The colorful zinnias that had bestowed so much joy throughout the summer are finally done and the knockout roses almost eaten in their entirety by bugs.  I need to prune them before winter comes around, but I don’t feel like doing much outside. 

I finally finished reading “The lovely bones”.  It frustrates me that I get so profoundly intertwined into what I read.  It is a scary feeling sometimes.  And I am Susie Salmon this very moment wearing my innocence like a comfortable old coat.  “Murderers are not monsters, they're men. And that's the most frightening thing about them.” Alice Sebold.


  1. It is always good to "come home"..to rest your bones in a place where you feel you belong. I have not been to NYC in many years but did go to school there. There is nothing like it...but it is not where I would choose to spend my life at this point in time.
    Glad you have some heat this chilly morning.

    Are you staying at home since your move to the little white cottage...and not working outside the home anymore? I took early retirement and love it. xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana... oh yes, I'm now a full time 'stay at home and enjoy each moment dance in the wind smell the flowers' girl. And I cannot love it a bit more or I will explode! My heart is full and thankful.

      Thanks for stopping by


  2. Cielo,
    Everything looks lovely and fall like at your little white cottage! I know what you mean about becoming totally immersed in whatever your reading, I can totally lose track of time and space when I am engrossed in a good book, however I find this to be a good thing, since I can escape the real world for a little while ;-)
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

    1. Hi Teresa... any good books to read? I'm looking for my next one! ;)


  3. So good to come whether it be from just a trip to the store or a longer trip to somewhere new and exciting. Our home is certainly where our hearts reside and a haven for rest and rebuilding ones spirit. It is always so nice to hear a woman speak of her love for her home and how she has surrounded herself with things that feed her soul and bring happiness to her heart.
    We are truly the builders of nests and to see how each of us feathers and decorates her nest if lovely to see.
    As always Cielo, you bring words of home, hearth and warmth on a cool fall day.

    1. Sherry Sherry.... so good to see you here. I've been praying for you and lifting you up to our Heavenly Father... you are on His hands my friend... I see you covered in grace.

      Love you


  4. Cielo, I love NYC too. All travel seems such fun , but when it's time to go home, nothing feels so good as getting in your home and enjoying your own things. Love your views from your windows. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

    1. Home sweet home... wherever it may be!


  5. Such glories, all your wanderings.. But always home looks so good! It looks good if you go outside at night and look in through your windows. It's the same room, but so much more dear... Have you ever tried it? I used to do it when I lived at home. Glad to see all your autumn pictures.

  6. Hi Cielo! It is always good to come home! I took The Lovely Bones on vacation a few years ago and I couldn't put it down. But at the same time it was so disturbing,


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