Thursday, November 20, 2014

Curtains and salty air...

I’m still dreaming, and working on making my dream come true in the remodeling of our master bathroom.  Not big changes, just using what we already have, but embellishing it and making our little white cottage drift in the cottage feel and the loveliness I want, within our means. 

And I am working on the perfect something that it’s soft, white, and adorned with a double ruffle embroidered lace peeking through between ruffles for my shower curtain.  It’s going to look something like this picture here; except the lace is going to be gray, because I’m envisioning my all white little bathroom with touches only in gray and pink.  And of course, my curtains are going to cost way way way less the price on this one.  The cost of this panel - $325.

My friend Mayra, who is an amazing seamstress, is making it for me…  I’m so excited!  A drapery panel somewhat similar to the shower curtain will be also configured out for this window here, which lays just above the tub.

Love my simple and unpretentious bathroom--popcorn ceiling and all.  Oh but I do want a chandelier here too yes yes! 

Mayra and I went shopping yesterday and bought the fabric/lace -- $2.99 the yard, while our husbands were on meetings.  We get to travel together a lot.  I'm fortunate.  She will start working on this little project as soon as we get back home.  For now, we are all enjoying this amazing view of the ocean from our very beds... gosh you gotta love Florida!  

 The view from our room...

Still in bed... waking up to an amazing sun over the ocean...

Sending a whiff of ocean breezes and salty air your way...



  1. The weather here is beautiful now, even with chills in the 50's, I love the chills.
    I'd take that panel and wrap it around me and wear it ! It is very much like the clothes I make, the textures, tones, and lace trim. Its gorgeous.

  2. Ah to be able to make long and delicate bohemian skirts and ruffles over ruffles of pretty things…. Dreamy! Lucky you. I truly wish I could sew. I think I will live my life over a sewing machine making pretty things… oh and it is cold here in Fl, but just wonderfully cold ;)


  3. Are you in Daytona Beach!?!? I am about 40 minutes from there! If I didn't have a fractured knee, I would drive over there and give you a hug in person!! Enjoy!

  4. Oh Delaine so sorry to hear about your injury... It must'd hurt. Yes it's Daytona
    Beach. That would had been so nice. I'm sending you a big hug

  5. Love the curtain panel Cielo it's utterly gorgeous. l hope you'll share the results when it's finished:-)

  6. I love your adorable cottage and seeing all the fun changes you continue to make. I'm new to the blogging world but loving it so far.

    Have a wonderful trip and blessed Thanksgiving!


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