Monday, November 17, 2014

Autumn in the South

Days are tinted in colorful hues and a dreamy pale amber sunlight scatters itty-bitty stars across the garden; across the privet with its November trees, and November birds.   

There’s a whiff of apples and cinnamon toast hanging from the atmosphere, and mornings are bringing in with them a silky-cold air that makes the world sing songs ablaze in crimsons, goldenrods and brown.  

When evenings approach, the sun shines pumpkin gold and there's a dreamy scent blowing magic everywhere.  The gypsy girl then looks up to the sky.  She sees the signs.  She hears the songs. She considers it all. 

The air is wild with colors and the world has turned old.  Time to make memories under the autumnal sun... 

The little gypsy girl braids her hair the gypsy way.  She dresses up in skirts in Ashes, Oaks, and Maples and goes out in search of the sun—to dream, to fly, to soar in wings of butterflies.

She’s a swirling, a whirling, a Mary Poppins of sorts.  It’s magic, it’s magical.  It’s November – spring over the ground.

This is a spice shop out here… sunshine has spread out a carpet of leaves of every name, and the gypsy caravan is a flapping of wings under the autumnal trees.

Colorful draped fabrics, pillows, beads, and a nice heater on high… because oh my friends it is cold… freezing cold around here.  Yes sir! 

So get your woolies on and take out your scarves... won't you come with me and explore what wonders await for us scattered out there?  C'mon!  

 Ah autumn.  A magic beyond all we do here!

Thank you for coming with me my friends!
And may you always find magic wherever you may find yourself.


  1. Pretty gypsy girl, I wish it were that nice here. Even chilly with sweaters beat this windy snowy day here. :):) I hope you get to enjoy your outdoor times. I am longing for a short dry winter. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Ahhh...There you go again. On another adventure. Lucky girl!

  3. Looks like a lovely fall camping trip. I love fall with all the colors. It has gotten way too cold here, too. But it will warm up again. I have read that Deaver book. He is one of my favorites.

  4. Who, oh.. Pretty adventures! It's five! 5° here this morning. Right now we are adventuring in a solemn world of sudden repairs, no furnaces! And prayers for friends who are ill... But even so, we must try to see the beauty in each morning given to us. I loved the pictures of you on that giant, fallen tree. Looks like a cozy camping trip midst some crisp,fall adventures. Winter took me by surprise here in Missouri. We had. Over night change from 72° to the icy blasts of 31° and now frigid. I try to never complain about the weather because I think weather is so close to God's skin.... But... When my son gets a furnace, I'll feel much happier. It's on order... Hugs, Sweet friend!

  5. What a beautiful place to wake up in. I can almost smell the breakfast cooking and the smells from the forest. Gorgeous colors of autumn. You are always at your happiest when surrounded by nature Cielo almost like you are home again.
    Your gypsy wagon is so cozy with the jewel colors and a bed that you can melt into with warm blankets.
    Thanks for sharing your travels with us.


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