Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The house in the roses

Yes, as some of you might have thought, our Mima and Papa had journeyed up north to spend a few days with us girls.  We celebrated birthdays, laughed, danced, sung, jumped on the trampoline until our sides hurt and pretended we were real fairies and princesses.  We made some lovely birthday banners and decorations for our birthday party on Saturday and make some yummy cakes.  Elsa, from Frozen 'land' visited.  She taught us how to behave as true princesses and be proper at all times.  On Sunday we visited a petting zoo.  We got to touch and feed a very tall camel that spit on us, we petted and fed tiny horses and lots of baby goats, and a nice lady, keeper of the animals, let us pet the only sloth there was.  He was as slow and funny looking as all the funny sloths on that movie we saw the previous day.  Then, in the afternoon, we went by the house in the roses...  well, just only our Mima, because she wanted to go all by herself, to gather up in the hem of her long skirts all the moments, and joys and disappointments her little heart could muster upon entering her once upon a time, lovely garden...  ask her, and she'll tell you what she saw, and heard and felt in her precious garden... 

While there, she thought about all of you her dear bloggy friends who have followed her to her little white cottage, down in the south from the time she dwelled in her gardens, at the house in the roses...  She told us that long, thorny weeds grew everywhere there.  Among the roses, around the once lovely Shasta daisies gardens and the salvia and lavender.  The ornamental grasses were so unkempt, they grew like long weeds and her dear rose bushes were in really bad shape, some of them had disappeared entirely.  How did that happen, she didn't know.  The grapevines grew rampant; suffocating every space and taking over the pretty archers.  Weeds and little trees were growing where they were not supposed to, suffocating the climbing roses growing in the pergola in the round garden.  It broke her heart to see all the peonies bushes she planted in the rotunda being suffocated by weeds and such, but she was also happy to see how much they have grown and how round and healthy they were. 

If you ask me, I don't understand my Mima.  Even under such circumstances and negligence and carelessness, she still finds those gardens of hers a lovely place to be and a verdant and precious island of peace and enchantment like a gem hiding under rubbish... you go tell her she doesn't need to worry.  She will always have flowers to grow and roses to perfume her soul... 'cause that's how I feel, and that's how it is...  


  1. May I please ask...?

    Although it is none of my business, to ask...

    Please may I ask...?

    Why do you keep going back...?


  2. Oh you're so special.... And I love your caring heart. I go back because I am an old soul who tends to dwell on the past. We are all broken, but that's how the light gets in... Doesn't it?


  3. Even in all the wild chaos of this garden I can still see the perfect beauty of what was once your house in the roses. I remember finding you long ago and going through every blog you wrote to see this amazing garden. I think even though it hurts very much to see the current state of your beloved garden, you still love every wild bush and trailing vine. This place will always and forever be the house in the roses of your memories. Just close your eyes and you will be there again.

    1. You are so wise, and know the readings of my heart so well... I'm closing my eyes... I'm listening to the songs of the mourning doves among the thorny roses, just like on those days... Thank you and thank you....


  4. Such a lovely place - I'm sure it was so very difficult to see it unkempt. But I bet all of what is still there loved seeing you again dear Soul. ;) I think the flowers remember, don't you?

    Blessings Cielo xoxo


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