Sunday, June 5, 2016

A rainy Sunday morning

A rainy morning.  I spent the weekend surrounded by dear friends, in fellowship, listening to the Word of God and laughing a whole lot.

On Sabbath morning, I wore the pretty, lacey handkerchief skirt that my husband gave me for Mother's Day...

I adore this wispy, frilly skirt that's abundant in lace and white loveliness all throughout...

For shoes, I chose my favoritest pair of high heels in the whole wide world... I had have these shoes almost forever.  I should move on, and gift them away, but I find myself attached to them and would not part from them for nothing in the world... for some very strange reason, they make me feel like Cinderella in her glass slippers... they are my magical shoes.  I was remembering that this 'strange' love goes a long way back and I've been talking about these shoes for as far as I can remember.... you can click HERE, if you care to read what I had to say of them long, long time ago when we were still living at the house in the roses.... ;) 

I should had gone for a pedi, but I didn't... what I did, was having my nails done... choosing the right color, however, was so hard... so many options, and every color a lovely dream...  which one would you have chosen?

I finally chose this pretty 'summer' pink...  it is so bright, and cheerful, and I just love it... the wet, rain-darkened garden, everything is super green, and every tree and every bush hold a raindrop on emerald leafy hand...

The gladiolus that my dad and I planted two years ago when we moved here are embellishing the garden in full magenta and yellow magic.

They are as tall as I've ever seen gladiolus, and are lovingly blooming here and there, like gracious jewels gifted by the gods who hide in the garden and hover above all...

I see the winds of change blowing on a certain way, and thus I spent the firsts hours of my day after waking up thinking, and wondering, and browsing the internet absentmindedly, looking through page after page of homes for sale in our area that have a basement, or a mother in law suit or homes large enough where we could accommodate mom and dad and go for the big move.  But all of them lacked charm, and I ambled through our quiet, little white cottage looking at everything we've done here, and everything we love, and of those we love, and simply found myself short on every thing.  The sweeping view of the garden outside our dinning room welcomed me to the morning...

...and gave me the certainty that everything is going to be fine, no matter what...

Thank you for being here, for listening, and being one more friend among my dear friends...


  1. You look so pretty in your Sunday outfit. Like you I am a big fan of long beautiful skirts. I have so many and never tire of wearing them. My dream is to own an Anna Konya skirt and always look for second hand ones as they sell for hundreds of dollars new.
    Your garden is just amazing. What a joy to wake to such a lovely place each day.
    I am so sorry to hear the worry in your post about your parents. I know how hard it is to have this worry as I still have my mom who is 87. She still lives alone and drives and is pretty active, but she has health issues and I see her starting to fail. It is hard to tell by the pictures of your property, but do you have enough space where you could build a place for your parents. Seems that would be a good solution and you could avoid moving again. I know it would break your heart to give up your little white cottage.

    1. Ohhh, an Anna Konya skirt... I had to confess I had to do a little research on the name ;) And I love her designs.... gypsy style clothing—so pretty, indeed! It is so nice when our dear ones can still be active at that age and fend for themselves, not the case with my mom though, as her illness progresses.... a sad, unrealistic truth, but it escapes me sometimes and I'm in denial... we are in God's loving hands. And that's the only certainty in life I know at this moment...

      Thank you for coming here, my friend.


  2. I'm sorry about your parents I loss my mom last year and I move my dad in my house we make litter efficiency next to us hi has his on space and I take care of him,Sherry has a very good recommendation you has to remember they love to be in there on space
    I thing is good for you not to move out your lovely home
    Good look

    1. Hi Isora... how nice that you could do that and have your dear father with you now... blessings to you and him. And enjoy each moment with him... each and every moment, my friend.


  3. Replies
    1. Is there a little face for the word "thank you"? OK... thank you! ;)


  4. So nice to meet You Cielo. I enjoyed reading this post and felt a connection to You, We must have a lot in common even though there is a big difference in Our age.Just call Me Grandma Denise ; ) I'm of course Your newest follower.

  5. Your sweet cottage is so beautiful Cielo. Prayers sent that the answers you need will come and it will all work out smoothly.

    Blessings. xoxo

  6. Such prettiness in your skirt and adorable shoes ( I wouldn't give them away either. I think they must have been a special gift to you from the Giver of Gifts~!).
    I've enjoyed reading since finding you recently. You have a sweet way of cheering a reader up. Thank you for your sweet spirit.

  7. Such lovely shoes and skirt, dear Cielo, I can understand why you love them so. Your beautiful gardens must give you such joy, and I know that if you have to start over in a new place, you will make that beautiful, too. You are a wonderful daughter to your parents in their time of need. Blessings to you, my dear. xx Karen

  8. Your skirt is so pretty. Lovely shoes. Your garden is so pretty. I have been so busy with my flower garden and the vegetable garden. Always something to do. I love glads. Right now I have a lot of lilies in bloom.
    Hope you find an answer for how to help your parents.


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