Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer in the South

Summer has definitely arrived to the South.  Heat waves shift and travel up the hill across our little white cottage like tiny happy ghosts.   I can hear them singing "There's Good Boos To-Night" as they move and dance and, one by one, dissolve behind the hill... 

The fireflies, too, have come out of their hiding places, and are enchanting our summer nights with their teeny lanterns and flying wish lights, as they scatter beams of light and joy and amazement beyond my dreams over grasses, and flowerbeds and all around our little world.

Every evening, when the moon comes out, you'd see them busily decorating trees and dark green boughs with twinkling clear lights, turning our summer nights into a real Christmas in June. We like to sit in our front porch, and quietly watch them decorating the night away, as they turn each tree and bush into translucent turquoise Christmas Trees.   What a lovely, enchanting place this is, and what an amazing sight those fireflies are in the shadows of the silent summer nights.  I almost want to run inside and bring out my homemade Christmas ornaments and brightly dyed popcorn garlands to add to this fanfare of lights and joyfulness.  

    This is what summer is all about at the little white cottage in the woods...

Oh I could say that there's more than just meets the eye 'around here, as you'd imagine.  I could say that I got bitten by a spider or some other type of awful critter the other day and have been sleeping over activated charcoal compresses for two consecutive nights.  I could say that I've been poisoned with poison ivy while cleaning the flowerbeds closest to the creek, which it is in fact as dried as the driest, crinkled patches of grasses that run along our little white cottage like some sad, old handkerchiefs, because the heat is to intense it is burning the land and everyone else in it.  

I could also say that the gardenia tree I've been nurturing for way too long, is doing so poorly I'm about to give up and throw it away, that some of my beautiful hostas have been losing their lovely leaves to some type of disease or fungus I haven't been able to identify, or figure out what to do, and, on top of that, our precious goldfish keep disappearing... being snatched away by some unidentified creepy creature that lurks in the night.  

Bugs, mosquitoes, chiggers and such are eating us alive and our walks through the gardens have been comprised to only short trips in the early morning,  although, to be truthful, that is not completely accurate, because I still go out there at all times of day and even at night.  That's why I get bitten, poisoned, dehydrated and more.  But, not even the evil fairies, dwellers of the dark forest could ever stop me from keep doing so... and why would I dwell on such things and forget to look at all the glories we are surrounded by?  Cause, that's just how it is here in the South, and I won't complain because I can never forget how on those super cold days and freezing nights of the North I used to dream and wish for the South... every hour of the day and every hour of night... always dreaming with those hot, long summer days I now have.  Can we be completely happy one day?  With everything being perfect for just a day?  Well, this I believe...  a happy life is not a perfect life. Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.  And that's what I'll do, and hope you'll do too.

Oh, I had part of my hair braided up today and wanted to show you.  I'm so bad at braiding my hair, never been good at it, but this morning it turned out pretty good... me thinks... ;)

Wish I could have been able to take a pic of the back of my head to show you... well, maybe not... must probably, it looked really bad, but since I couldn't see it... hehe!

Ohhh and look at the shoes I found at our Goodwill the other day.... to die for!

And they were my size too!

Super cute, but I didn't get them...

Can't walk on those things any more~

I hope you had a lovely Saturday and a blessed day... 

See you super soon, because I cannot be away from this place for too long! ;)



  1. Thank you for mentioning the "not-so-nice"... Too. Your lovely visions are just that, lovely. But they alone, might be a bit depressing to some. Because no one can live in total beauty, all the time. This is a universal truth, I think. But really, some blogs and IG's, could make one believe, that those lives, _do_ live in constant beauty, and calm, and peace, and everything-always-neat-and-tidy. :-)))

    So, to me, it is quite delightful, to see a post, with both sides.

    Oh yes, let's all try to find the loveliness, which nature surrounds us with! Yes, yes, yes!

    Just yesterday, I ventured over to the very edge, of the woods which are across the street from our home.... Not into it. I'm not brave enough. But to the edge, and peeked in. And it was a delightful site!!!!! Magical. Faeries just have to live in there! Oh so beautiful! -happy sigh-

    Now if I had not ventured over there, close to the edge, I would have missed that lovely glimpse.

    You never would have missed it. You always entice us, to keep looking. thank you for that.

    And also thank you, for letting us know, that everyone gets bitten by mosquitoes. ,-) And other not-so-friendly things...... One's view of life can be lovely. But life is always real.

    Gentle hugs,
    ....Who is off with the faeries....

    1. Love all this... liked it so much I had to share it with my husband... you're so wise, and thank you for making me dream by you at the edge of your woods on that day. Wonderful.


  2. Try throwing pickle juice into the soil of your gardenia. I too nurtured it for way too long, years and nothing. Then I threw pickle juice according to those wonderful old wives tales and it took away all the problems of the gardenia and it grew green and bloomed wonderfully.....they love acids.

    1. Lady, thank you for the advise, I've been trying this, since I read it on your blog a while back. It seemed to help back then, but now it's coming to a point where I don't know what to do. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have it planted on a large flower pot, instead of on the ground? I don't know. I could try replanting in on the ground, but then it will not survive our winters. I have to bring it inside, but is doing so poor might have to give up...


  3. Oh yes, gardening does have its pitfalls with nasty bugs, fungus, miserable weather.....every time I go out, the little black flies bite me and leave a welt. But it is the love of the beautiful that keeps us returning....your descriptions are so lovely. We don't have fireflies here in WA state, but as a child I remember them, growing up in New England. So magical. Lovely photos of your sitting area and delicious treats. Take care xo K

  4. Life realities. There are always ups and downs... I have lived a life of ups and downs forever. I try my hardest to find the good of the day, even if I do nothing... I've tried to make my own world inside my home and garden. Im single and lost my mom two years ago now.. So many days go upside down but i refocus and count on God.. We can only do the best we can... With lobe Janice

  5. Hugs! Hope you soon feel better. Your magical garden is wonderful


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