Tuesday, April 12, 2016

On a rainy day...

Hi friends... is it a lovely rainy morning where you are?  It is here... outside, the woods stand dark and supple with rain and everywhere you look is a wet green world, enchanting, and mysterious, and brimming with dozens of stories, like a fairy tale book, taunting you to submerge yourself in it...

I hope you don't mind me coming here so often to talk just about the same thing over and over again...  do I bore you?  Oh but you see, I just have to... I do I do! ;)  When your heart is set into some very special, magical moments and you want then to last forever, but you know you can't, then seeing them again through pictures and your writings is like living them again, is like diving into some magical, familiar book where you turn page after page and go back and forth as you please, every time you like...

I so love these quiet, rainy mornings; the crows swooping and calling from somewhere in the woods, the way the canopies of trees sway back and forth gently in morning breezes while sturdy trunks remain unmovable...  I love diffused light filtering through trees and how it twinkles over water like tiny stars; love birds going about their chores, dashing in and out and chasing each other over the canopy of the garden...  I love my azure chalk painted pots and the little yellow zinnias smiling under the rain.  It is so pretty, so pretty everywhere I look! 

The first thing I'd usually do each morning right after I wake up, is draw the curtains on the window next to my side of bed to have a view of the new morning with its rose-tinted sky outside... from that moment on, all curtains will remain drawn until late in the evening.  But on rainy days, I like the coziness of little lights and panels drawn back.  The drawn white panels in our master bedroom gives the room a cocoon-like feeling... like a cozy white cave of sorts where I find refuge and solace while outside the sky rumbles under the storms...

I had an impulse to bake something.  The taste of lemons on my tongue.  The essence wafting in the air... or in my mind?  So I baked, and drizzled lemon frosting over lemon cakes.

“It was like the way you wanted sunshine on Saturdays, 
or pancakes for breakfast. 
They just made you feel good.” 
(Sarah Addison Allen - Garden Spells)

The Mexican petunias (ruellia brittoniana) I divided and transplanted far too early in the year are doing splendid, much to my surprise and joy...  they are now growing along the banks of the small creek, and don't seem to be affected by all that water.  The flowers bloom profusely during the hottest part of the year, and butterflies love them. 

I love my simple little life and the leisure of days unbound from outside cares, and cannot understand why my heart insists in crushing these joys.  You see, although I don't really have to work outside my home, guilt and worries for the future have me looking for a job again.  I have put a couple of applications out there and may be called; yet knowing how miserable I'll be stuck in an office again. 

See you soon, my friends.  Thanks for being here with me.  




  1. A lovely morning described so beautifully! I felt myself right there, listening to the crows and the little birds, hearing the stream with the flowers along it's banks, seeing the morning light from the window. So beautiful. I can see why you would hate to leave....wishing you luck on your new adventure. xx Karen

  2. I love baking on rainy/snowy days, they just go together. Your goodies look delicious!

  3. I love rainy days, sometimes I feel the world as little a piece of mine is needs a cleaning. The fresh smell right after, the sound of it hitting a tin roof. I also like to bake on rainy days and to then sit down with a good book, a cup of tea and a tidbit of whatever I made yum for my body as well as my soul. That's what rainy days are for.Best wishes on your job search.

  4. Your garden is so lovely, rain or shine. I love the little creek that runs by the forest edge and can easily see why you are so at peace here. It is a shame the necessities of life cause us to do things we don't want to do. In your case it's like putting a robin in a cage. You are a blessed being so things will be ok for you.

    1. Thank you so much dear Sherry... your words soothe my soul.. I really do want to believe that everything will be OK, I have put my life under God's loving control, and I know He knows what's best for me, but walking this life by faith it takes reaffirmation sometimes... I take your words with me... and please do know that God cares, and rejoices over you... I know that with certainty.

      "We should be astonished at the goodness of God, stunned that He should bother to call us by name, our mouths wide open at His love" (Brennan Manning, The Ragamuffin Gospel)



  5. What a beautiful rainy day in your garden! Your dessert looks delicious!

  6. Lovely post. Everything looks so green and pretty.

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