Saturday, April 9, 2016

My today...

Green... I love the color green.  And everything around here is brilliancy and green and lushness everywhere.  The entire Universe must be the color green... or is it just my soul?  I could never go back again to the dry yellowness of where we used to live for far too long...   

I am so at peace at this moment; filled with graces and overflowing in love for God.  The Holy Spirit moves in me and about me... and as I walk this dear place of brambles and privet I call "my garden" my heart is humbled.  I have missed our little white cottage and gardens so much today...  we have been out all day today, having returned home just now from visiting a church farther south all day today with our African-American friends... and how I love those visits, and those churches... there is something so uniquely enriching about the way these dear people worship, their prayers have such a powerful impact in me... they either take you up to the Holy Throne of God or bring God right down into your insufficiencies...  a transcendent, benevolent God who created the Universe and who is our ultimate Provider. 

Did the slaves have a church on their plantation? Did they read the Bible?  I love History, and I love to read real stories about real people.  On the book, "Through the Storm, Through the Night: A History of African American Christianity", a former slave, by the name of  Wash Wilson gives such a powerful statement:

“When de niggers go round singin’ ‘Steal Away to Jesus,’ dat mean dere gwine be a ’ligious meetin’ dat night. De masters … didn’t like dem ’ligious meetin’s so us natcherly slips off at night, down in de bottoms or somewhere. Sometimes us sing and pray all night.”
Can you imagine? Not even slavery could have had these peoples' yearnings for Christ wiped out.  I can imagine them sneaking out in the dark of night with no other refuge than the Almighty, worshiping in ravines and secret woody places all night...  can you imagine what powerful life those slaves must have lived?   

Early this morning when we were leaving, we saw something very sad—Tigerlily laying on the road, dead; probably killed during the night hours, or very early in the morning... that made me so so sad.  Only yesterday I watched her as she ambled through the woods so smoothly and attuned to Nature... knowing exactly where to step and where to turn... I'm going to miss seeing her around here so much...

I'm into a yearning phase for spotting wild animals these days... I get to see rabbits and squirrels most every day around here, but I want to see foxes and see and listen to the songs of coyotes at night.  Oh, I know... I'm a cream puff' weakling and most probably will have a heart attack if I happen upon a wild animal roaming around here... like a wildcat or something like that... ohhh, I'm already trembling... but, my fantasies are stronger than my fears.

I can only imagine what would be to see something like on this photograph here at the skirt of the garden where the statues guard the entrance to the woods...  a dream!

Photo from the Internet
The other day I found a blog where the owner had spotted a beauty of an owl nesting on an old tree, and the camouflage of the feathers were so amazingly similar to the bark of the old tree, that it was hard to separate one from the other... only by the mystery of those eyes one was able to identify her... those images sent me dreaming, and hoping.  I so want to see an owl majestically sitting on any of our tall trees surrounding our little white cottage...  wish I could find that blog again, but I lost it and I haven't been able to find it again...  Anyway my dears.... do you get to see some wild animals in your property?  Lucky you! ;)

Love you all!



  1. Stunning, truly stunning the place you live in, my darling Cielo, blessed be !

    Enjoy the reaminder of your weekend and the start of the new week ahead, sending dear hugs to you


  2. I love this time of the year and those bells are so pretty.

  3. My husband and I live on the Wekiva River and see all kinds of animals. Raccoons, fox, possums, alligators, bears, all kinds of birds, owls and hawks. We just love it!!

    1. Ohhh Delaine... that sounds dreamy to me... how awesome. I know I'll be so scare of alligators and bears, but I'm sure I'll love seeing them from a distance... and birds, oh all kinds of birds, please please... I love God's creation, aren't we lucky to be able to share our world with them.... thank you for telling me all this... I dream with people's stories, almost seeing everything you tell me... beautiful...

      Hugs my friend... looking forward to visit FL again at the end of May!


  4. You're so lucky. What a beautiful spot in nature. We have an owl that comes to visit us regularly and our River Bush Willow at the bottom of the garden is filled with all kinds of birds, Paradise Fly Catchers, Cape White Eyes and a Robin who always thinks it's his space. I'm really sorry to hear about Tigerlily.

    1. Aww, that sounds so so lovely... all those birds and that River Bush Willow... and the owl... enchanting. Thank you for sharing these lovely things with me...


  5. You're so lucky. What a beautiful spot in nature. We have an owl that comes to visit us regularly and our River Bush Willow at the bottom of the garden is filled with all kinds of birds, Paradise Fly Catchers, Cape White Eyes and a Robin who always thinks it's his space. I'm really sorry to hear about Tigerlily.

  6. Oh, I'm so sad to hear that Tigerlily has died. May he chase butterflies and take naps among the catnip on the other side of rainbow bridge! Your garden has such a lovely contrast of hues, it's a feast for the eyes. Sometimes we get deer wandering into our garden up at the mountain house, I have taken pictures of them. They love to eat the flower buds off the hibiscus shrubs that are growing against the fence!
    ***Hola querida Cielo! Soy yo, Priscilla de Por algún motivo, ultimamente no he podido postear comentarios en tu blog con mi perfil de Wordpress, ayer intenté varias veces y no pude así que por hoy usaré mi perfil de Blogger. Un abrazo!***

    1. Hola querida Priscilla... creo que te traje con la mente, porque he estado pensando en tí. A mí me sucedió algo parecido, ayer, cuando entré en tu blog y te escribí un mensaje super largo. Luego, cuando traté de enviártelo, tu blog no me lo permitió. Traté de nuevo pero me frustré y desistí... quería comentartelo, pero tampoco supe cómo dejártelo saber.... y ahora vienes y me dejas un hermoso mensaje y me cuentas que a tí te sucedió lo mismo... que coincidencia, o desavenencia... ;)

      Gracias por insistir y dejar tus mensajes. Me dan alegría leerlos... oh oh, y aprovecho para decirte que me encanta la cultura que exhibes en tu escritura, en ambos idiomas. Un aplauso.

      Te mando un beso


  7. Oh, Tigerlily... She will always be a beautiful part of your heart. Very sorry.


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