Saturday, April 16, 2016

My today...

Days are gloriously warm, and the world is tinted in rainbow colors and every day the sun comes out in all its awe-inspiring, fresh-faced glories and it shines all day long, casting  countless, marvelous blessings all over the land... 

I have to share with you the cutest little story of something that happened to me yesterday while at Goodwill...  as I passed by a young mother and her darling little girl sitting in their shopping cart, I smiled and waved at the little girl, and continued on absent-mindedly... then, to my total amazement and surprise, I heard the precious little girl said... "mommy mommy, a princess"!  Can you imagine my shock?  I felt somewhat embarrassed, but also so moved by such ingenuity and purity of heart..  I may not be a princess in the real sense of the word, but I'm a daughter of the Kind of the Universe, and that's not metaphors.  I want to believe that what that precious innocent little girl saw in me it has nothing to do with appearances, and all with the beauty of He, who walks with me... "Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us!" Psalm 90:17

I think there is a beauty of soul which makes the plainest face radiant, and the homeliest features lovely...

Today, we drove for hours on roads surrounded by mountains clad in many shades of green, dotted with splashes of magenta from all the Redbuds blooming... how lovely the views, and how wonderful to ride with such beauty surrounding you...  everything looked beautiful under the spring light, and one could hardy took the eyes away from the little houses tucked here and there along the length of this stretch of the mountains, and the churches we visited were bordered by beautiful sceneries and the people were nice and kind, and the faith the same. 

At the thrift store I found the loveliest of treasures for just 1.99...  

Some beautiful Portobello By Inspire Paris coffee mugs that I just adore...  Ebay sales them for 26.99 each.  Wish I could had found some more. 

My coffee moments are so sweet~

And I cannot ask for a better and nicer and kindest friend to spend my coffee moments with, than with my "Fisherman".  

See you in the morning, my friend!


  1. You are a Princess for sure! Love those mugs!

  2. What a wonderful compliment to be called a princess by an innocent child! Love your new coffee mugs. I hope you have a beautiful week! :-)


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