Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The gypsy days of December

Hi y'all! Hope you're all doing great wherever you are. Did you have a lovely Christmas? I sure do hope so. We ended up driving to South FL where we spent the entire Christmas week with mom, dad and sister Lissette and her family. Making memories, savoring precious hours, great food and long lovely walks 'round lovely neighborhoods... memories, that I will forever treasure in the deepest and fondest hiding places of my heart. 

It was a super warm and super humid Christmas even for South FL. The hottest Christmas in 30 years, they say, with the loveliest of full moon adorning the southern skies since 1977... real awesomeness, me thinks. 

Here at home, it's been raining non-stop for the last two weeks. Everything is green and wet and wonderfully mossy outside... inside, we've surrendered ourselves to our gypsy side...

You see, a very dear and lovely 'fairy' is spending a few days with us
at our little white cottage...

...and thus, my usually airy and contemporary guest room is now a gypsy caravan moving at the slow pace of time... the crunch of rocks under the wooden wheels as we travel along busy cities, the rhythmic motion rocking colorful porch lanterns which throw glittering rainbows as they catch the rays of the sun on our way through country roads and swaths of rich tapestries and velvets, and the sweet tinkling of coin belts...

Sometimes all you need is a splash of color to brighten your life...  I love white, and I need white sometimes.  But my love for white can never be surpassed by the power of color.  How can people live all their life under the blank slate of just white white white everywhere they turn, it's something that escapes my imagination.... it surely is a trend that speaks of a sad life to me.    

We love the cute coral gypsy skirt!

and fairy lights...

A flowery chandelier...

Our 'Gypsy Fairy' created for herself a very lovely and comfortable reading nook where she spends precious hours reading her favorite novels....  so pretty!

She also came up with the idea of creating a mood board the size of an entire wall that we did using scraps of colorful gypsy fabrics and old photographs and mementos.  

Some of the arts there comes from her own writings, straight from the heart.... isn't this just awesome?  

A colorful bohemian room where to play, read and also pray for those affected by the floods.  

May the Lord embraces us in His light
and may our little world rest in His wonderful peace.

And to the friends and readers
of the little white cottage...
a magical and blessed 2016!


  1. Beautiful! I wish I could cozy down in that very room!

  2. As someone who lives in south Florida, I can relate. It was a very unseasonable Christmas as far as the weather!

  3. Dear Cielo,

    Just wanted you to know I absolutely love your New Year's Resolutions - - the best I've ever seen - - and think how much fun it will be to follow them. They are printed out and tacked to my cupboard door directly above my computer on my desk, to remind me every day to enjoy life.

    Also want you to know how very much I have enjoyed your wonderful writings and photos. Having read them since right before you moved to your little white cottage, it's been so much fun to read about the changes you have made in your darling cottage and the incredible job you have done turning your yard into such an amazing, beautiful garden. You are such an inspiration to me, and, I'm sure, to all who read your blog.

    Wishing you a wonderful, inspiring, and amazing 2016!! Smile

    A friend in Minnesota .


  4. May your New Year be happy and blessed Cielo!


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