Saturday, December 12, 2015

Loving coral

As some of you may already know, I love black-white and gold together, with some gray thrown in for extra glamour in my decor.  I have incorporated this trend practically throughout our entire home. But if you notice down the hall going onto our bedroom, you'll  see a pop of color there...

I wanted to pair my favorite color combo with some salmon/coral hues.
Particularly in our bedroom. 

They’ve always been my favorite colors, but I never wanted to use pink tones in decorating before out of fear of it looking too girly. But I love them so much, I’ve decided now that I don’t care  ;) 

So I filled our bedroom with filtered hues and soft shades of coral by incorporating them in the details...  

 I also changed the upholstery on the headboard to a coral pattern.  

Pretty uh?

Well, at least it was for a few weeks anyway... 
'cause I went back to the black/white headboard combo really fast ;)

Brought in subtle, shimmering gold as accent pieces for a flash of excitement
Here's an old book covered in gold wrapping paper
and a thrift store vase I spray-painted in old gold...

The cute little owl table lamps are new.  

I'd had preferred some larger table lamps in our room, but for now I'm loving the whimsical charm these little white owls bring to the atmosphere of the winter room.  They speak to my heart of the solitary, vine teeming woods and they made me want to go outside during the dark hours of night and listen... listen to the whispers of darkness in the hope of grasping a fleeting glimpse of magic.

The cut-glass lamps I had originally in our bedroom are now sitting in our living room.  I've been working on some updating there too, and can hardly wait to show what I've done.  But for now, back to the bedroom... ;)

I've been hunting our local thrift stores for some antique/vintage style mirrors, particularly anything with pretty asymmetrical or ornate form, which I love, and have add some real cute ones to my wall of gilded mirrors.  Like this cute little one here, for only .25.  

This is how my mirrored wall started...

just a few mirrors as you can see...

And this is now...

The French Proven├žal-Style little chest was part of the guest room furnishing.  I painted it in white after I bought it many years ago, but as you can see, things are always evolving around here... ;)

I used Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X, in coral on the chest.  A lovely color I will certainly use again.  And that's it for now....  hope you like! ;)

See you soon everyone!



  1. Beautiful, i Must find that one touch of colour that I can love as much as you that will give me that pop...does black count ? :) I have a tone on tone life style and seeing your pop of colour here did surprise me in a good way. It was a perfect surprise, and on a perfect piece.

    Such a beautiful tour.


  2. I have seemed to want tons of colors all of a sudden I have aqipuired a huge taste for it.. I have seen many other peoples places just full of color and Im liking it indeed... I like the changes love the mirrors they look lovely Cielo... Have a great week with love Janice

  3. That's so fresh and perfect! I love the pizzazz... I also love how your vase of roses seems mirrored and time altered in that roses painting beside it. classy!

  4. That's so fresh and perfect! I love the pizzazz... I also love how your vase of roses seems mirrored and time altered in that roses painting beside it. classy!

  5. I love your mirror wall! The coral is a gorgeous color.

  6. More WOW here and love the mirror gallery wall! Thank you for joining the 12 days of Christmas blogger tour Link Party! Merry Christmas!

  7. Oh, I just love your bedroom, and I think you've kept the "girly" factor to a reasonable level ;) That mirror gallery is gorgeous! I can't help but notice your collection of books about son-in-law was born and raised there, and he and my daughter will be spending the holidays there this year!

    1. I forgot to mention that I love your blog header, too!

  8. Que hogar tan hermoso Cielo. I love the coral touches too. Very elegant and chic.




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