Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The magical bridge

Are you one of those people who think that relief from emotional difficulties can be found through seeing a psychologist and stuff like that?  I once heard Oprah said that negative feelings and things that hurt you emotionally must be brought out to light so that the healing process can begin in you.  Well, my brain works in a very different way.  I'm afraid of expressing negative feelings too much, and seldom do... I feel that if I start talking about the things that make me feel sad, or angry or whatever, it will do more harm than good in me than anything.  Life would surely become chaos if I consent on letting out all that darkness and expose my soul bare.  That is why I tend to keep negative feelings tucked away deep down in some quiet place in my heart and try very hard not to think about them or expose them too much... maybe, just maybe, if I keep them quiet for some very long time, they will go away some day? I know, this is puerile of me, but that's just how I am.

Thanks to all of you who were able to read between lines in my previous post and felt impelled to leave your heart-felt comments.  The only words I have are:  It means a lot to me.  Thank you.

I'm always dreaming of making new things, a new project, a new endeavor to keep my creativity flowing... always thinking about what I want to see done here and there, and all the while contemplating the finished product from the beginning in my mind as clearly as a perfect picture...

And thus, another project had been thought of and now completed in our garden....  one that just came out of my mind in an instant the other day all of a sudden... and it was done just as quickly... 

Oh yes.... a magical bridge!

A bridge to connects my garden to those 'once upon a time' worlds beyond the woods...

Not that we didn't have one already, of course...

You see, this bridge here it truly is magical.  

I discovered by pure luck, one day right after we moved to our little white cottage when I decided to followed some magical creature I saw going into the woods beyond our gardens.

 Can you imagine?  
Alice in my own Wonderland for sure!

I followed my rabbit all the way to the end of  that bridge.  Then, stood there for the longest time, deciding what to do next.  Of course, I didn't get to find out where the little rabbit lived, like the real Alice of the story did, but that was just because I was very much afraid of all that poison ivy that lives in those woods, otherwise I'm sure I'd had followed him right into his hole and thereby entered Wonderland.  One day maybe I would?  Oh I hope so!

Our newest bridge is not completed... something is missing or something!  I am planning on adding some solar light to the four corner posts, but I want to do something creative... like maybe using some recycled light fixture and add a solar light head in it or something like that?  Any suggestion?

It's been extra hot around here lately and rain is scarce.  The other day, however, we were blessed with a sudden heavy downpour of rain when we were sitting outside.  Everyone stood closely together under the big umbrella trying not to get wet... watching me while I danced and giggled and opened my mouth really wide to drink from above under a most fantastic and warmest of rain... nourishing me from above, drenching me with soaking joy...

May you all have a blessed day my friend!



  1. How funny. I just sent you an email this AM with something that would go with your new bridge.
    Maybe if you bought a couple of those tall, metal, shepherd hook type of plant hangers and attached them to the posts you could hang lanterns from them... Just an idea

  2. Hi Cielo,
    Your bridge is wonderful, nice job! Actually you are right to put the dark and unhappy thoughts away from you because although the world says bring it out and talk about it, God says that as a man thinks so is he! God also told us to think on whatsoever things are lovely and whatsoever things are pure and of a good report! So see, you are right! So here's hoping you have many more lovely thoughts!
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  3. I spy something on your table that I also own! When I majored in Spanish in college, I received a Santa Biblia from a dear friend. I love the words in Spanish! How much more if it were the language of my childhood!

    Love your little bridge!


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