Thursday, June 25, 2015

Master bedroom updates

I really love white and black put together.  These two primary colors are so soothing and refreshing at the same time.  Put both together, and you have a placid, elegant combo.  Most of the rooms in our little white cottage are decorated following this palette.  

But things are never the same around here... there's always something different in the decor, something new, something old being renewed... old stuff gets to be revamped, chairs and benches recovered, wall painted, repainted, and furniture get to be moved around a lot too. 

Everything is always revolving around here... but that's just because I love to decorate and would never ever settle for the 'same ol' same ol' kind of attitude ya know...  Are you like that too? ;)

Our master bedroom is a 'never-ending' sorts of a project...  I'm always working on something in that room.

Some time ago all the furnishing there got painted in a lighter color...

You can click HERE to read all about it.

I dreaded doing the task, but the chalk paint surely made all the difference...  Paint colors can certainly change the mood of any room.... I love how the atmosphere of the room lighted up instantly with the new paint.  

Later I added some bold pattern with a touch of gray to the room...  I just felt in love with these pillows, from Ikea, and incorporated them in our room.

And changed the lampshades to white...

Today, I decided it was finally time to change the look there again... I never liked the headboard with the black leather anyway... you know the one I want... an upholstered headboard detailed with deep button tufts and decorative brass nail heads and so, but... since that's not possible, I decided to paint the leather white... something I've been wanting to do for a long time, but hadn't had the courage to do...

I immediately felt I made a mistake right after I started painting.  The job wasn't coming along as smooth as I'd anticipated.  The paint was too thick and the leather kept bleeding through.  But I was determined, and kept on going.   After the third coat of paint I found out that adding a drop or two of water really help in getting the smoothness and coverage I was after, so I kept painting until I was (almost) happy with the result.    

The whitewashed part of the headboard was a painting blunder... an accidental kind of a thing that I plan on correcting real soon...  when I started painting the leather, somehow I got paint on the wood . Instead of correcting this right away, I went ahead and continued painting the entire thing white...  It looked terrible, but when I tried to remove the paint it was already too late...  I will leave it as is for now until I can figure out what to do...

Since the curtains in the room are white, the white lampshades were changed to black for some depth.  Black shades and a couple of lime green pillows did the trick.  This simple change made a huge difference to the room.

Lately I'm so loving gold.  So I decided to add some gold accessories there too.  Like this large mirror I spray-painted in gold.  I used Krylon Metallic Brass paint for the project.  I want a little gold glass top table to place in front of the mirror, but until I find the right one, this is what I'm using for now... an old plant stand rescued from the garden.  I used the leftovers Krylon Metallic Brass paint from the mirror to revamp it.

The branches in the large milk glass vase are from the woods behind our garden, spray-painted in white.... I added some very tiny fairy lights to the branches for some whimsy...

I love these crystal bead curtain... I put it against the window for some boho glamour effect.  When the sun hits on the glass, the room seems to be visited by flickering fairy whispering secrets in the sunlight... 

Also from Ikea are the gauzy panels I added to the already white cotton paneled windows.  96" long and very lovely.  2 on each package - only $3.99.  

I am also planing on painting gold the inside part of the black lampshades and will be adding some wall pictures in black and gold as well.

Finally, the biggest parts of the renovations will be, painting the walls in a pretty gray and replacing the carpet for hardwood floors... my dream.  Can't tell when will it come to fruition though, but maybe if I keep thinking about it, it will happen some day soon?  :)

What do you think?  Like it?

Au revoir!




  1. Such a crisp clean look. Wonderful.

  2. Your room looks beautiful! The black and white is timeless. I like the painted headboard...even the wood part. :)


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