Saturday, August 16, 2014

Teal tumblers and white sofas

The new garden path I was working on is all done and looking marvelous.  Went and got a full truck load of pea pebbles and downloaded it all onto the newly cleaned path, and beyond… all by myself. Phew!

I talked to my dad this morning and mentioned what I had done... I had to laugh when he exclaimed “ay hija!”.  He could hardly believe I did all that work by myself.  “That’s a man’s job”—he said.  Yeah yeah…  ;)

I want to believe that whatever I’ve been digging out on that “old dump” part in my garden most likely it is some type of shaggy rug remnants or something that never really got burned in its entirety… whatever it was, it is outrageous and a most disgusting thing.... which by the way, had me so grossed out that I finally had to remove and trashed away all the tomato plants that my poor husband had planted there, including every single one of the tomatoes, because, well, I just couldn’t imagine us eating something that had grown out of that unspeakable pit of…. whatever those people had buried there.  I just couldn’t.  You can still see the coal on the ground along with all that witch's hair... fur? Ew yucky!

Summer is also for some lovely flower bouquets… I’m excited because as much as I miss the abundance of roses and lovely rose bouquets I used to have around my house, now I have some other type of flower embellishing my spaces…. Yes, hydrangeas! 

When we lived in the house in the roses I tried to grow hydrangeas on several occasions, but we don’t have the appropriate climate tolerance up there and I never succeeded.  But now I’m dancing under the Southern sunshine and this is hydrangea country indeed.  I feel optimistic and as hopeful and eager as a little girl waiting on some hidden treasures to be uncovered before her expecting eyes, as they grow and put up blooms…

I have planted several hydrangea plants around our property… the front porch is embellished with several “Blue Endless Summer” hydrangeas; gorgeous blue full blooms and super green leaves.  And on the flower beds along the pond and back porch are the pink hydrangeas… deep, gorgeous orbs of pinks. Those varieties are somewhat slow growing, but the two green lime hydrangeas I planted on the back garden, several months ago are doing marvelous.  I brought some of its blooms inside.

Blooms look lovely in these teal tumblers…. only $0.50 at Big Lots
Love them!

Life changes.  Things changes.  Every minute.  Every day.  And perhaps my formal ‘silent’ title, “Queen of Roses” is inevitably fading on the horizon of yesterdays, only to emerge as the future “Hydrangea Queen" of somewhere?  ;)

This morning I wanted to imagine what my living room would look like with white furniture, but because I am an experiential type of a learner, which means I have to make meaning from direct experience, I decided to slip covered my sofa with a white blanket so as to have a 'real' idea before committing to buying…

With black and white pillows

More whites, less black...


Add some color? 

Still not sure.  Should I keep the camel color sofas?

I had never used slip covers before and I don’t know how they will look, or if they will fit my furniture, etc.  Custom Fit has some wonderful slip covers, but not a great selection on T-cushions, like my sofas are…  IKEA’s white sofas were the best of alternatives.  Nice, and fair prices… the cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed, and they have a range of coordinated covers that makes it easy to give the furniture a new look whenever I get tired of it.

What do you all think?


  1. Cielo, I would try the slip covers first. :) I love the hydrangeas and tumblers...I may go see if our big lots has some. Oh creepy that fur stuff. maybe a pet cemetery. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. I like the camel colored sofa. You could always use a white blanket or a ready-made white slip cover for a summer look or a change of pace. But the camel is a neutral color and I think it anchors your room and provides a better foil for colors and accessories as you want to change them out. It has a warmth that the white lacks. Everyone has her own opinion, but it's your home, really. I liked the white sofa UNTIL I saw the lovely camel colored ones. The chevron pattern on the rug and the geometric prints on the pillows create a sharp contrast with the white sofa. I like the way the camel color anchors and softens the look.

    1. Oh thank you so very much! I cannot tell you how much you had helped me with my decisions… this is exactly what I was attempting to hear from my readers—a straight and honest comment that could help me see through other’s eyes. And to hear that it is OK to keep the camel color furniture.... how nice. I truly appreciate it.


  3. I like having as many options as possible because I like change. I think the white looks great in spring and summer and the camel color brings the warmth of fall if you like to bring those colors in for that season.. Winter could go either way. I would go with white slip covers. Pottery Barn has some for T cushion sofas and sometimes you can find them on EBAY too. You always make lovely choices so whatever way you go it will be perfect.

  4. You've done an a amazing job with your garden, Cielo! A note on Hydrangeas. Southern soils tend to be acidic, which is great for blue Hydrangeas - this can actually change the color of your pink Hydrangea to blue - it's the pH levels. Pink Hydrangeas want a lowered pH level - there's a slow release fertilizer called Color Me Pink which is supposed to work or adding dolomitic lime into the soil. They'll all love a layer of compost or composted manure in the fall - I love the look of your couch in white! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. I love the white, but for every day the camel if way more practical and I love the colours with it. So if you bring in hydrangeas do they dry out and last forever? Or do you put them in water. I love the glasses, the colour is awesome

  6. From what I see my dear Cielo, I rruly feel warmth from the Carmel colored sofas and with all the accent pillows it beautifies it all. The white cover and pillows did nothing for my taste buds lol. It just looked lifeless. I would maybe get a tailered White slipcover for Summer if you wanted to lighten things up. But my opinion is the Carmel... With love Janice


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