Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fantasy Friday

Don't you just marvel at the mysteries the woods carry in its leafy bosom? It never cease to amaze me—the woods.  And for reasons unknown and most incomprehensible to me, I feel it is a symbol of my spirit… of mankind’s spirit that is.  And it cannot be it any other way but of enchantment, and magic, and delight….

Each phenomenon transpired, all what goes there by way of wild creatures, birds and seeds and the ability of nature itself to carry out life forward in unperceivable, unimaginably amazing ways.  The woods forming open habitats where, sometimes sunlight dapples its floors in magical golden jewels… the stories taking forms in the understory of shrubs and herbaceous plants and tall grasses… it all amazes me, really. 

The woods are filled with mysteries, but sometimes the universe becomes transparent, secret unseen doors are unfastened by invisible hands and the light of higher laws shines through… then, almost inadvertently you are able to see and hear things that otherwise are to be concealed.  

Ah yes… unexplainable mysteries like what you see here in this photograph… 

Here it is again... a little bit brighter.  Can you see it?  What is it I ask—that wispy, foggy mist that seems to be rising upwards from the ground and hovering in front of the entrance to the dark woods?

You see, I wasn’t planning on saying anything, but being that someone had noticed it too and wondered what that was, I’ve decided to talk… to uncover a strange and spellbinding secret.  But that will have to be shared at the precise moment.  The only thing I can tell you is that in no way whatsoever was that photograph altered or retouched.  And that’s the truth. 

Would you be here with me then to hear the tales I must share?  Oh I do hope you will… but please do let me know that you are here, because if you come and don’t say a word I may think (as it often is the case) that I’m writing to empty air… sharing my mind with a vast and barren universe where only I, and my crazy imagination exist… ;) 

In the mean time, I would love to hear what you think… your thoughts, your imagination, what you see in your mind’s eye?  What could that mist be? 

I like to think it’s a letter written in between letters?  You know... in a subliminal manner?  A letter written in haze, instead of ink… from some alien from another planet?  But what does it say?  And why did whoever wrote it decided to have it revealed through my lenses?  Cause I tell you… as far as I can remember there was no haze there… odd, isn’t it! 

OK, it could be that my lenses were a little bit dirty, but no.  Your turn! ;)  Wouldn't you write your own little story and share it with me?…


  1. Could it be a Will o' the Wisp? It resembles a flickering lamp and is said to recede if approached, drawing travellers from the paths.

  2. Well... imagination could take this in many directions. But my first feeling, which is always the one I have learned to go with, is this is your Guardian Angel posed and waiting to protect you from your adventurous self. Jenny S.

  3. oh Cielo, thank you for checking with me on my blog which I haven't been on lately much at all due to life taking such turns away from those delights, but I do read your posts when I check my blog roll.....I have some catching up to do, but have just seen a close blogging friend of mine who was in an accident and her picture devastated my fragile heart, but I will always be here reading your posts and eagerly waiting for more of the magic we live for!

  4. Hi Cielo, I'm still here reading each blog entry....just haven't commented for a while. Yes, I think maybe it's your Guardian Angel watching over you. Hubby took a picture of the trees deep up in our woods (fifty acres) and when I loaded it on the computer there were several orbs in it. Not sure what they are but was quite mystical. Still love your pictures and entries...take care.

  5. When I enlarged your pictures, I discovered several of those mystic, misty beams of magic! Even a patch near the ground on the left side... Love the mystery... It's something from they nether worlds beckoning you into the spell... I wonder if this garden you are building isn't pulling out all it's magic to make you love it, too... As you loved the rose garden before... I have no doubts! None! That your magical friends have found you, and these are the beacons of light they've set up to let the others know where you have traveled! Hugs!

  6. I think they're curious wood sprites from the fairy realm who come out of the woods for fleeting instants to see what you are doing in the garden and to smell the flowers while your back is turned. They are so quick that they're almost invisible to the human eye....but their antics were caught by the eye of your camera as they fluttered and hid behind the branches leaving a misty trail in their wake.

  7. I would like to think they are they spirits of the Cherokee who were the original residents of your land. Theirs was a nature based culture and they lived as one with the earth. As blood calls to blood so does the spirit of one who lives with the land and you are most certainly one with nature Cielo. You are part of the land, the sun and the air that's blows through the forest and you hear its song. The indian spirits sense you oneness with nature and come to thank you for caring for their land and respecting the home.


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