Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Our little life in our little white cottage

Last week, I collected the last Queen Elizabeth roses… 

...The last roses of the season, and of my life here at the little white cottage 

And in the garden, I have finally collected all my dear little things and placed them all in one same spot, to make it easier for the movers when they come.  I want to make sure I don’t leave anything  behind.  Many of these little garden treasures and friends, I brought with me here from the house in the roses.  

Some of them are not in their best of shape any more, and they don’t look quite as pretty and fresh as when they started their new life here in my southern garden, but I still love them... 

This beautiful angel here, once upon a time keeper of the garden at the house in the roses, is now a single winged angel; fragile, and discolored, and I almost gave it away the other day before I had to run back and rescued him.  I’m bringing him with me back to his garden, even if he is almost crumbling to pieces…  

The hydrangeas by the front porch, did finally bloom this year, and it has been gifting me precious jewels of blues and purples for a few weeks now. if it had finally realized that the hands which had planted her and cared for her all these years will stop caring for her, and thus decided to offer me some of her most beautiful belated jewels... 

Around the front yard, and everywhere around the little white cottage there’s some type of a dainty cranberry wildflower carpeting the ground.  Wildflowers are as fleeting as life itself.  They come and go with the days, and the seasons, just as we humans do...

I feel it is essential for me to document my life as it happens.  It serves me as a memorial, or dedicatory to life and the days I live and places I dwell in this life.  And thus, my blog is my book of days, sort of a thing.  I hope you don’t mind me babbling away about stuff you may not find interesting, or amusing…  

And thus, it has happened, that our little white cottage got very ill over the weekend.  All drainage conducts got clogged up.  The toilets were oozing yucky stuff, shower tubs and floors flooded up with what it looked like sewage waste and the sinks were making weird noises and not draining at all.  Things got worse from that point on.  When the plumbers came by they informed me that whoever had built our house had installed the sewer connections wrong, the pipes were installed going on the wrong direction, because the sewer was facing south.  All what they could do was dig a hole outside, find the PVC, perforate it and extract from there.  That’s what they said.  But they were wrong. 

After they dug a hole as big as a grave in one part of the yard, and still were not finding the PVC, it occurred to me then, that these guys didn’t know what they were doing.  I suggested we call the city to get a copy of our plat.  Surely, there must be a copy out there somewhere of our plat, right?  And thus, we finally got the exact place where the sewage is located, which, by the way, it was not where they were digging, but over on the other side of the house, and exactly the place where I had originally told them they would find it, the minute they arrived.  If only they had trusted my intuition!

Right when our little cottage was exploding inside and outside, a huffing and puffing stranger came by… to photograph our house.  He was some insurance guy working for the new owners and wanted to take a few pics of the house…  Can you believe the timing!  So there was this guy taking pics with his selfie stick everywhere right when I had such mess going on… when I commented with one of the plumbers about how worry I was for the sale of our house, he simply said jokingly “let’s kill him and bury him back here, that way nobody will find out”…  For a moment… yes, I thought I was part of the cast of some humorous horror movie!  Hahaha.   What a nightmare the entire thing was; one of those unfortunate things you just have to laugh about, if you don’t want to go bunkers…

Evening came, and night still found me cleaning our little white cottage.  Everything is now in perfect condition again, less $300 later.  And all this in less than a week before moving.  Can you believe it!  Not nice, little white cottage!  Not nice!  

No worries, Buyers, your little white cottage is again the perfect little jewel she had always been... enjoy her, care for her, and may you be as happy as we had been here all these years....


  1. As I said the other day, The Little White House was getting very grumpy, that you are going to leave it. ,-)

    Ahhhh, the perfect timing! Of an insurance guy coming by, taking pictures. And the silly diggers, not listening to you. And having to have you, call City Hall. -sigh-

    As "they" always say; "You will laugh about this, some day." Hahhhhhhh... As if that helps, then!!!!!

    Well, you got your helper back today, to aid in all the finishing touches. Hope they go well. And then, the papers are signed. And then... You can go home.

    Can you just imagine how happy, your old/new house will be, to Welcome you????? Yes, very, very, very happy.

    Happy last days there. Safe travels home.

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  2. "my blog is my book of days, sort of a thing."


    Luna Crone

  3. Angel needs to go "home" where he can live out the rest of his days in his original birthplace.

  4. You poor girl! I will be so glad for you when this move is behind you. Hang in there. (p.s. Are you familiar with the devotional "Streams in the Desert"? It is a year-long daily devotional aimed at helping us deal with difficult times in our lives. I am reading through it currently and often think of you lately as I do my daily reading. You might find comfort in some of the messages.) Joanie

  5. Oh when it rains it pours. Don't worry its all fixed and ready for you to move. Those things happen at the worst possible times. It is actually better that it happened to you now, then to the new owners when they were moving in. Blessings to you in your days ahead.

  6. Boy what a mess... o yes bring the angel back to the house of roses... I still cant believe your going back. I wonder what you will feel? If I dont get back soon I hope the sale goes well and the travel back is safe ... will you be starting a different blog again???? Happy Thursday with love Janice

  7. You were lucky. We never had a problem with our septic tank until a few weeks before we closed the last house we lived in. We have to shove out $5000.00 to fix it. I am so glad you are taking the angel back. I remember how beautiful he was in your last garden. I hope he can be save to use when you get back.

  8. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful flower,thank for sharing good i dea !



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