Thursday, November 9, 2017

Finding a name for my new blog

Hi precious friends and followers!  I hope today finds you well, and ready for this adventure called “life”.  I am doing great, and finally here, in this new-old place where our path begins anew.  I have visited the house in the roses, and the paint job is almost done.  I’m excited, and impatiently waiting for the Fisherman, who’s still on the road on his way home.  The truck that's bringing our stuff, will arrive on Friday.  In the meanwhile, I am ready to start documenting our life on my new blog.  But for that I’d need your help.  What should I name it?  I have some ideas, but cannot make up my mind.  I don’t want to use the name ‘the house in the roses’ again because that’s a past life, but it is the same house after all, so I’d like to keep that name as part of the new name.  Does it make any sense?
Something like:

That old house in the roses?
All roads lead to 'the house in the roses'?
These Are the Days at the house in the roses?
Yesterday Once More?

What do you think?  Wouldn’t you please help me select a name for my new bloggy?  I can’t wait to read your ideas…. 

See you super soon!


  1. So glad to see you have arrived, and seeing your little 'gypsies,' too. :-)

    As to a new blog name, I never want to give my suggestions, to such questions. Because I am so convinced, that everything about what-is-ours, 'should' come from our own heart. Especially, the name of a new blog.

    So my only suggestion is... Write down possible names... Look at each and hold them individually in your heart... With the intention of finding the perfect-for-you new blog name... And, you will.

    You will just know!

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  2. Yes you will know the name when you see it, but suggestions never hurt and could steer you in some way. So here are a couple~ Rose Cottage Living~Rose Cottage Again~Cottage in the Roses. So glad you are almost in and will continue with your beautiful blog writing. Jerris

  3. I like Yesterday Once More or you could call it Home Again. Another would be House in the Roses, A New Beginning. I cannot wait to see what you will do to it.

  4. You will know the name when you hear it. Maybe.... A Circle of Roses, Journey of the Heart. Anxious to hear your choice and glad to hear you made it home safe and sound.

  5. I like each name you suggest. I do kind of like having roses in the title. I do think which ever one you chose should speak to your heart. I am glad to hear your doing well again and look forward to reading your lovely posts and your beautiful photos...take care.

  6. My Heart in the Roses

    My Home in the Roses

    Life at the House in the Roses

  7. from your own words ...

    The girl who lives and dreams in the house in the roses

  8. Living in the House of Roses
    Much happiness as you begin again,

  9. Like reading your blog.

    The House Where the roses Bloom Again

    bloom Again

  10. I'm so happy for you and can't wait for you to re-nest in your house in the roses!!

  11. A Good Year For The Roses
    Happy Home In The Roses
    Return To The House In The Roses
    Cielo's Home In The Roses
    Home Again In The Roses
    My Heart and The Rose House

  12. Return to The House in the Roses. Whatever you choose I am just glad you are here sharing with us.

  13. Me alegro que todo se vaya solucionando despues de la tempestad viene la calma

  14. De nuevo en casa podria ser el nombre de su blog pero solo es una sugerencia su corazon la llevara al titulo feliz domingo desde EspaΓ±a

  15. Hello Cielo, ive been reading your blog for years..its one of the few favorites that i have kept near and dear to my heart. I feel like that you are not just "moving" back to the house in the roses but that you are undoubtably returning "home" as you (and the fisherman) move back there. Why not call your new blog, Our Home In The Roses?

  16. Returning Home is about the best you can get I think it covers everything . There is a season for all under heaven yes?

  17. How about two lines:
    Home Again
    Among The Roses
    I wish you all the best Cielo as you return home!

  18. You will think of it! My, it is fun to anticipate a new beginning...

    Second Bloom
    Revisit the Roses
    A Circle of Roses
    Dead Heading... lol...just kidding!!!!
    La Casa de las Rosas
    The Fairy Rose
    Cielo's Life in the Roses

    That was fun. I love ya!

  19. Did you think of me when you came through Missouri?

  20. Last night the words "Heart's Home - a return to the House in the Roses" came to my mind so here they are for your consideration.

    Hope things are going well now that you're there and your furniture is en route.


  21. I have been reading your lovely blog for years - - so sad when you left your House in the Roses - - delighted in watching you change your new yard into a spectacular fairy land around the little white cottage in the woods - - and now you are returning to your House in the Roses. Choose a name that makes your heart sing. Can't wait to read about your "new" beginnings. May your troubles be less and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door. Sending much love and all good wishes from Ruthie in Minnesota

  22. Fairy Rose Garden. Fairy Rose House. Whatever you will name your blog, I look forward to visiting you there.

  23. Dearest Cielo
    After following you when was able to blog also 2006 Now have Fibromyalgia and repetivrs strain Injury so can only use phone occasionally
    But your ideas inspired me to get our very small bungalow updated after a three story house and basement
    We have bought nearly all from Thrift shop buys
    You are such an amazing Insperation
    Hopefully follow you soon
    I do use google+ as poetry helps depression Have put your Blog in my collections of Favourite Blogs
    Blessings for 2018

  24. Spent six years in usa still miss it although have been back a goodly few times when I could Travel
    Now Living in wilds of Yorkshire uk
    Where Hurricane Just up to 70 miles an hour winds
    The Four Horsemen already out of the Box Spiritual warfare without a doubt

  25. I like Yesterday once more... you can add in Roses. Yesterday once more in roses Yesterday once more, House Of Roses. With love Janice


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