Sunday, August 6, 2017

On a rainy Sunday

It is raining, and I can hear thunder rumbling in the distance. I love the voice of thunder and gray dark days.  Here in the south, rainy days mean the darkening of all that's green and lush, and the woods turning into a sorts of night, and birds and little creatures scurrying away... where, oh where do they go and, where are their dwelling places? 

Inside the house little lights are turned on everywhere.  We made ourselves some papaya milkshakes, and both of us went our separate ways in the house; to do just what each love.  I'm sitting by the window writing, and contemplating what evolves outside while I listen to Nature's music and try to secrete it somewhere in my soul.  The Fisherman reads and works on his emails.  

When rain stops, or when it's just a splish-splash of a light drip drip drip, up would come from the ground all those rain ghosts—a faint fog that would lift from the road up the hill, and from people's roofs, and you would see these light-headed, misty ghosts walk away in little dances... moving, shifting until disappearing in thin air... rain, and fog—a most lovely of combination, that only happens here in the south.  

I am going through some old photographs on my computer and I just had to post some pictures I took in 2014 when we moved to our little white cottage and our living room was a hotchpotch of colors and gypsy pillows.  It has changed a lot since, but I still find this decorating style fascinating, and if I have the courage to change things again, I would bring back all that gypsy goodness and make my living room gay and colorful again.  For now, it will be as is—the black and white more modern approach that I so love too.  

I am now going to put on my rain boots and go outside into my rainy garden for some magical time.... I wish we could turn into fairies, or into tiny Thumbelinas and go play together in the rain for a bit!  Wouldn't that be nice!   

I hope you're having a beautiful Sunday, wherever you are!



  1. Do Faeries and tiny Thumbelinas, need bug spray? I doubt it. Oh yes, that makes an even more wonderful wish, to do as you say!!!!!! To be able to flit around, without fighting off bugs. Shuddderrrr.

    After a Southern rain, I wonder how many people see.... light-headed foggy misty ghosts? I bet, not many. Which is a shame. Because they are there!!! You see them! I can see them, from your words! :-)))))

    What is the saying...? "We see, but do not observe"... So few people do see with the eyes of magic. It only takes the willingness to make a bit of a mind set change. But they don't have time for it, in this fast paced world.

    How can they see such??? When their eyes are always glued to some sort of technical screen????!!!??? Either computer screen, or laptop screen, or smart phone screen, or tv screen. -double sigh-

    Thank you so much, for your lovely sight. And especially, for sharing it with us.

    Blog Land needs many more, like you. Needs. Needs. Needs. But where are they? I haven't found them........ I sometimes try, in my little way... But you have honed your ability, over years of 'practice.' I haven't tried, for long enough...

    By now, it is into the week. And another Full Moon magic is upon us. I do hope you are able to see The Lady Moon tonight. She should be lush, in your Southern setting...

    Happy Full Green Corn Moon,
    Luna Crone

    1. I guess I could never understand how some people would not stand still for a moment to just look around, see really see, and appreciate the small things in life... it comes so naturally in me. And oh oh oh the moon tonight! Thank you for letting me know I should go out, and I will I will! It's been another rainy day here and everything is looking marvelous, and green and dark and I went to Wall mart and bought a new birdfeeder; a blue cottage of a birdfeeder, that I just love. Birds are back after yesterday's showers, and the Crepe Myrtles are in bloom. Life... forever composed of nows.... and I'm so thankful I don't have to be in the Lion's den anymore! Enjoying my little cottage again and my garden and my birds, feral cats... even the mosquitoes sound wonderful to me these days, now that my little soul is feeling free again! Waiting for the moon!

      Hugs and moon watching magic!


    2. Ohhhhhh.... Such happpppppy news!!! No more Lion's Den!!!!! -clapping hands- -happy dance- :-)))

      You _did_ ask yourself, "my question". And you did get _your_ answer. Home, is the best place, for your quality of life and peace of mind.

      Ohhhh I am so happy for you!!! Really! I can feel your relief!

      Well, I can't feel _your_ relief. But I can feel _mine_, for you. :-)

      It was raining here, last night, so no seeing The Full Moon. But tonight should be clear. And She will only have lost 1% of her glow. So it should be a lovely sight, tonight.

      I will think of you, when I look at her. And send my happiness, for your decision, to you, via Her. :-)

      Happppy, happpy gentle hugs,
      Luna Crone

    3. Thank you so much my friend. I will have to write a post about why I left that job soon! An eye-opener for sure. Thank you for your words and friendship!

      The moon tonight.



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