Tuesday, August 15, 2017

News from La-la land...

And we're still waiting... and hoping, and evaluating decisions on the balancing scale of life.  In the meantime, summer unfurls, stretches, creeps, dances, and continue to grow.  Vines are lush and thick, and although I haven't seen a lot of flowers yet, I love this flamboyant way of vines of taking over everything and filling up every space with beauty, and graces...  

The Crepe Myrtles, too, have not put a lot of flowers this year and neither have the roses.  Is there a secret to flowering, and flowers we humans are not supposed to know, or discover, and are only left to pondering and imagination?   

Everything is green and flourishing, and rain has been plentiful this year.  We had such a drought around this same time last year, but things has been especially wonderful this season, and right around 2:00 every day the sky would open up, and it would gift us with a quick, mighty downpour that refreshes, revives, and restores-clean the land, while my heart sings a silent song.  Few things are more precious than rain and rainy days to me.

One of the kois is sadly missing.  Again another mystery, and they had already grown so much, and so beautifully.  What a shame is not being able to see them grow to maturity.  The ones remaining are growing more and more each day, and we love watching them, and see them swim as fast as bullets.   

All the problems that we've been having with mom's illness is putting a toll on us all, and today I was scorned by someone very dear to me, and I was told I live in La-la land.  Is that a real place?  I guess that would make me a Lalalander, then.  Right?  But maybe... maybe it is faith, and living by faith instead of over worrying about every little thing in life what "La-la land" means, or is?  If so, I rather live in La-la land than having to go through life with an open umbrella under the bluest of skies, waiting for that downpour that most probably will never happen...  Life can be so cruel sometimes. 


  1. "...today I was scorned by someone very dear to me..." -sigh-

    Very cruel.

    What more can I say...

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  2. Just a word of caution, on the luxurious vines...

    Binder vines look a lot like morning glories, and can be quite pretty. But their "pretty-ness," hides Evil. They are very, very invasive. And will "bind" and kill, everything else in your garden.

    We know, because a past next door neighbor, let their yard go wild. And Binder Vine proliferated. And came over, and under, our back fence. And destroyed our perfect garden area!!!!!!!!

    I fought it. My husband fought it. But it was a losing battle. Evil Binder Vine!!!

    Here is information, on this Predator.

    Luna Crone

    1. Oh wow... what an awful weed! Thank you for the info.



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