Thursday, February 23, 2017

Diary of a dreamer...

It rained all day yesterday, and I didn't get to see the sun, except for just a very few hours in the late afternoon.  Which, it was a good thing in the end, because for a shadow of a morning and a half rain helped me forget all about my duties in the garden and kept me inside the house working on a project that I was most eager to get my hands on.  And thus, I've finally got my beautiful peacocks painting framed. 

My original thought was to paint the frame in metallic.  I love metallic paints and accessories in gold, and I have been incorporating them more and more into my home styling lately. The use of metal and metallic in interior design is modern, it add glamour and texture to any room, and I just feel right at home using them... however, after much thought, I decided to paint the frame in plain white... the kitchen area, where this painting is to reside, and where the color palette is composed of aqua, greens and navy blue, gold was out of the question... although maybe not?  

I love this painting. It is bright and colorful and although we had to trim it down considerably due to a disastrous boo-boo the Fisherman made while cutting the wood for me (Oh yes, I have forgiven him... after all, he is a fisherman, not a carpenter you know! ;)), it is still beautiful and large enough to make the impact I was hoping for.  What do you think?

It looks lovely in the evening under the soft light of lamps... 

Today, the sun has returned to the land, and the woods are alive with birds and mysterious sounds.  I started cleaning the front yard—a task I was fearing doing, because I already knew the amount of time and energy it presented with all those mountains and mountains of dead leaves that have been accumulating throughout the winter under the spiky holly bushes and front yard.  But after trips and trips of wheelbarrows filled to the brim with leaves and debris, all is done. 

Spring cleaning the gardens is a hard job.  A job of love, done by love with love.  And I just love it.  Love the sunshine gently warming up my back while I work, the balmy wind tossing my hair, and way above my head the loud crackle of witches... those dwellers of my woods the crows, making such ruckus while I work. Are they quarreling among each others, or perhaps just having a friendly talk in their own loud, squabble language?   I so love them...

Those crows dwellers of my woods... they are witches, you know!  And on misty, cloudy mornings I've seen them do their things over there in that parts of the woods.  Mean looking black ravens that they are, with sharp, long yellow beaks and yellow claws... something like Maleficent's raven in the Disney' movie, "Sleeping Beauty".  Remember him? Well, maybe they don't look anything like Diablo,  but that's how I like to see them any way! Haha

This year the amount of fallen leaves surpasses anything I have ever seen round here since we moved, and I'm wondering if those large dead leaves that are still hanging from semi bare branches are yet planning on coming down... to laugh some more at me I suppose... looking down at me as they do from over there where they sit up in their branch-houses, all the while laughing at me and giggling among each others as they see me raking mountains of dead leaves... or dead friend?

This here is the cemetery where all dead leave come to have their final rest.  The pile is so big now, that is making me work double because the wheelbarrow can't go any further and I have to actually drop the leaves by hand... beyond the "Leave Cemetery" lay the bramble paths to the witches' shack... I never go there no ma'am.  Won't even go close if you asked me, lest I want those pesky witches to sniff my rose scent in the air and come out looking for me... silence is gold around here when you are working in the garden near those woods.  And I won't be the one to disturb it ;)

Hoping you'll have a beautiful weekend my friend!


  1. What a gorgeous painting and a what a charming corner it gives life to, dear Cielo, thanks for sharing the warmth of your heart !

    I also have so so many died leaves in our gardens ... I try not to think about the great and hard job which is awaiting us outside as soon as March will begin !


    XOXO Dany

  2. Your painting is magnificent!

    What an impact, it must make!

    You live near a woods, so I can see why you have so many leaves to chase. But that is a small price to pay, for living near a woods. (Mmmm, I say "small" since I am not the one who is raking them up!!!)

    We love having a little woods, across the street. But those leaves, stay there. :-)

    Re: Your comment on my post.....-giggles- I too, do not care for themed blogs. Like all quilts, or all recipes, or all sewing, or etc. I like a blog, which jumps around, so to speak. It makes it more interesting, when I don't know what I may find, on any given day. :-)

    And I like a touch of whimsy, which is especially hard to find. Me'thinks you have this category, all to yourself! I've tried it but I don't have your talent with it.

    And then... -sigh- It doesn't seem that many, want to read it.<---My experience. But then, as I said, I don't have a flare for it, either.

    One thing is for sure! A blogger has to go out and find blogs, and read/comment in them. To have others, do the same, on theirs. Which takes time, of course, and many do not have the time. -sigh-

    Oh well, if we just "have to" blog, we blog. And that is doing it for ourselves. Which is a goal, in itself.

    Happy Eve of March, to you,
    Luna Crone

    1. Always happy to see you Ms. Luna!




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