Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Finding the magic on a rainy week

It's been rain rain rain all week, and it will be so until the week comes to an end.  In those few magical spells between rain and sunshine I go out to the garden just to see how the world is unfurling outside my shell...

Finding threads of magic everywhere...

 The first blooms are appearing everywhere... 
like little yellow flashes of joy, and twinkling bells... 

The azalea tree is pink-blooming deliciously, and beyond over where the pond resides, new inhabitants are now populating it... several big goldfish, and upon finding out about my wishes and koi dreams, the Fisherman went out and got me two.  Beautiful, big and as lazy as they can be... I've never seen fishes sleeping as koi do, but they do!  Like dead-sleep.  The other morning upon believing them already dead I got a little scared and called out for the Fisherman who came running outside to find me almost in tears.  After moving the water around them kois for a while he was finally able to wake them up. It was such a happy sight seeing them swish the waters like lightings... I don't know if they're girls or boys or just kois, but I've named them Sebastian and Medusa, and I hope to see them grow bigger by the day, without any incidents from predators. 

Can we grow azaleas in pots?  I'm so hoping they'll survive.  I put such high hopes last year in a gardenia plant that I adored.  I planted it in a huge pot and took extra time and care to make it thrive, but the thing never did, until it had to be put away.  I'm hoping that wouldn't be the case with my azaleas. 

The Queen is growing a cilantro mustache!

Deep within the privet forest among the bramble wide you can find a magic place where witches live and fairies hide... oh, yes, this looks like our garden is hiding a secret beyond those walls...  shall we go take a peek around!

Last week when the sun was shining and I didn't have the flu and was able to worked a few hours in the late winter garden, I decided it was time to be courageous and dig out my dear Chicago Peace rose from where I'd originally planted and replant it in a better spot.  I am glad I did.  And this beautiful rose should now perform as it should.  

I'm already anticipating blooms like the ones I used to collect from my gardens at the house in the roses... unforgettable!

Unforgettable indeed... those days.  
Why am I always reliving the past?  
It is not healthy, I know... 
and yet...    

Not much I can do outside today either, but I am glad is another rainy day!

I hope you're having a marvelous week!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Rita... to know you're here it always makes me happy. Thank you for letting me know all the time. I'm sending you glittering stars in the wind, and a big hug.


  2. Reliving the past, in happy memories, is fine, me'thihnks. Guess it would just be sad-making, if past memories, made us sad. But how could pictures of your beautiful roses, make you sad? :-)

    No blooming here. Still blustery... Bare branches.... Mud... Very cold, the next couple of days... Early March up north, and there is nothing one can do about it.

    Find your magic again, Dear One... It will sparkle and lift your spirits... Because even though you show pictures of, and speak of lovely things... I feel some sadness, hiding behind your words... Maybe, this week, you have the flu....?

    Gentle March hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. Wow Ms Luna, you're so wise! You've been gifted with an amazing sense of perception, a gift indeed to be able to tell of one's true feelings even from far away, even without having to look a one's eyes or body language to tell... I'm so impressed. Yes, why should I continue hiding my true feelings behind empty words? Not from a 'seer' like you anyway. I cannot hide from you. And you're right in everything you've said. I do I do need to find that magic again and see this sadness fly away like some black bird who doesn't belong in my garden of roses... soon, I hope. Soon.

      Thank you for your words and wise soul...



  3. Have I ever mentioned, how I love, how you change the "look" of your blog? Well, if I haven't, I should have.

    I love to change my blog Header. And it is fun for me, to see others, who change things around, on their blogs.

    We put thought and work, into our blogs. It is wonderful, when someone says they actually notice, the work we have done!

    I keep all my background white now. Feeling it shows my wide pictures, well. Each of our blog looks, is our personal choice of course. And the variety, makes for more fun!

    Luna Crone

    1. Is the creativity in us... I guess, that asks for more. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by...


  4. I love your blue mirror, Cielo. We started putting mirrors in our garden a couple of years ago, and couldn't be happier with the decision; it adds such a magical element. Oh, but your roses are gorgeous! What are the names of each? Especially those that look to be peach/pink. The petals on those are so pretty. We're seeing the Hellebore and Snowdrops are out, with the Daffodils about 4 - 5 inches out of the ground. . .won't be long!

    1. Ahhh, the Hellebore and Snowdrops, the Daffodils... I read your words, as if I'm reading an open book... they're life to my soul. Yes, spring is almost here! Those beautiful peach/pink/cream roses are called Cinco de Mayo. We planted them the spring before we moved from the house and the roses, and didn't get to enjoy them enough. They are gorgeous roses with the prettiest of romantic, soul warming pink colors. Everyone should have one in her garden... if I can only find it here in this area! I have also find out that some roses do better in dry-colder climate than here in the south where humidity and heat are disastrous for a garden.

      Thanks for coming by Cynthia and happy Spring!

  5. OH DEAR!!!! What happened to "The Hollow Wood" blog???? Your magical blogs???

    I can't find a link to them, anymore!

    Why? Why? Why?

    I need to! I really do.

    Please, give links to them again, somewhere in your sidebar... Or somewhere...

    And if you don't want to publicize them, for some reason, please give me links, in email. I will keep them to myself, if that is your wish now.

    Please...... 92 dot moon dot 34 @

    Thank you!!!!
    Luna Crone

    1. There you go Ms. Luna... links are up.... Thank you!



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