Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Spring has sprung (in my brain) and thus this morning I completed the task of fertilizing and cleaning around the last of the roses.  The hosta garden has a fresh new layer of soil, and the last of the old window shutters that needed paint, now sits in its place against the eastern wall side of the garden looking pretty in her new coat. 

I've also finished painting all the furniture that goes in the back porch.  The table and other chairs on the other side of the garden will be done later.  Soon I hope.  But for now, the most important part is done. 

Today, I finally got the lovely aqua-green patio rug I was so excitingly waiting for.  I want to run outside and lay it down on the porch's floor this very moment.  But I must learn to wait.  This isn't the right time for this yet.  We're expecting more rain... rain rain.  And, would it make any sense to take this beauty out just to get it wet?  Besides, I would not be doing me a favor if I don't have with me the red geraniums, and the petunia pots and moody ferns to compliment the beauty of this rug.  The joy must be perfect.  So I must wait. 

While working in the garden this morning, I also decided that today was a good day to do some plant transplanting as well. So after I was done fertilizing the last of the roses I dug out all that impossible road of Mexican Petunias, and brought to this sunny, prime spot my favorite rose—the Chicago Peace rose, which I had planted in the wrong spot and hasn't been performing as it should.  I miss the Chicago Peace roses in my gardens at the house in the roses.  They were always my favorites, with long, sturdy stems and big flowers in the loveliest of pinks that lasted for weeks.  And I wish to see this bush flourishing as splendidly as those I miss so much.  I'm hoping this will be their year, now that the dense shade of the wood is not closing in behind its back any longer.  

The Mexican Petunias are not planted round the beds on the north side of the privet hedge, and just behind the large fountain, where hopefully too, the Asiatic Lilies will be blooming again this year.

Now I sit, and wait for that rain...


  1. Lucky you to be doing a bit of gardening! I can't really complain because it is unseasonably warm here, but I know that the mild weather is just a teaser and spring is still at least a month away.


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