Saturday, August 20, 2016


Do you love shawls, 
or ever wear them?  

Shawls, 'estolas', 'mantones' (in Spn.)... I love them all, and wear them all the time, for any occasion, and on every season.  Even, during our hot summer days...  

Shawls are one of the timeless emblems of Spanish feminine style... I love the silken ones, long-tasseled, and flower-embroidered. But I love them all the same. This one below is one of my summer favorites. The same I'm wearing on the photograph above... in black, white and cream. I sometimes use my shawls as part of my decorating style in our home, thrown casually over a chair or bed...

Sometimes, I have even use wide, long scarves as shawls over my shoulders.  As the one you see here in this following photograph... this scarf is one of my favorite autumn and mild winter 'shawls' ever. I love its beautiful designs, and golden threads...   

I look for my shawls everywhere. Second hand stores are usually one of my favorite places to surprise me with some beautiful ones. Turns out you’re more likely to stumble upon a valuable vintage piece in those crowded racks full of old, plain scarves than in any other place... this one here is one of my last acquisitions...

I love the rich, deep color, and it goes so well with that dress!

If I don't use them on me, they will surely end up decorating a table in my house or any other piece of furniture... like here:  Covering a table in my gypsy room...

Or over a door... like here, decorating the entrance of our gypsy caravan.  

Thrown over a large mirror as part of the decoration...

Even our windows get to wear a shawl...

Here's another shawl on another window... hehe.  
I know, I'm crazy!

Like the fan and castanets, the shawl is part of the traditional image of flamenco dancers or sultry Spanish beauties in old movies... yet the shawl is far from being just folklore.  It remains one of the most common accessories of Spanish women to this day...

If you happen to find a pretty shawl in your roundabouts through thrift stores and second hand stores, would you save them for me?  ;))

Ah yes, you can give them to me whenever I visit you in your gardens on those special, magical occasions when the moon is round and full and we're allow to become Animagi... which, if you don't know it, according to the Hogwarts teachers in Hogwarts Castle, where by the way, I happened to befriend Madam Poppy Pomfrey many, many moons ago, means to morph into the form of one specific animal.  One determined by your personality and inner traits.  Like what happened with Professor Minerva McGonagall, as you see here.... ;)

Witches were said to take the form of a cat nine times, but don't worry I would not come to you as a cat. What about an owl? Yes yes... a white owl!  Meet me in the garden, then!  And don't forget the shawls!  ;) ;)

Before I go, I have to share with you this old, old photograph I found on the Internet the other day that has so enchanted me ever since... of these two unidentified women in a garden wearing lovely long dresses and lovely shawls.  Oh how I want to be there!... live in that era... or at least be able to clad myself in those awesome, awesome dresses and long shawls...

I hope you are having a wonderful, magical Saturday, wherever you are!

Click HERE if you'd like to see my favorite new shawl right now! ;) So pretty! And perfect colors for the fall! ;)


  1. Oh, yes Cielo, I too love shawls! I wear them, use them as window valances, on the back of my sofa, etc. Love, love, love them!!

  2. You and I have very similar taste and our love of shawls is just another example of this. I have many different types that I have collected from thrift store finds and ebay. The very old ones sometimes called piano shawls are so beautiful with the embroidery and long fringe. I have one the is from the 1920's that they call a ribbon fringe shawl. You cant help but feel beautiful when wearing a lovely shawl with a long flowy skirt. I also drape them over my canopy bed.

  3. I love the idea of shawls and scarves but I just don't think I can pull them off

  4. I know of few people who can carry off a shawl with aplomb, but you most certainly can. It suits your boho, gypsy style so well. While I adore them, and have been known to use them in my decorating, sadly I would look like a doofus if I wore one. :/

    Thank you for your thoughtful and sweet comment. I never saw it until today. I'm afraid what you found me on is not my blog, but one that I used to contribute to which is no longer being published. I happened to see it because I got a broken link notice (which had nothing to do with you) I'm actually on Wordpress and my blog is Do come by and say hello!

    I will try to catch up with some of your posts, but we are away with the grandkids this week.



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