Wednesday, August 17, 2016


On my roaming through Blogland lately, I've been listening to people complain about our relentless, beautiful days of summer.  People already envisioning winter, and a land blanketed in wooly white.  One particular comment got my attention in a strange, sad way.  The woman wrote:  "OHMYGOSH. I HATE THESE HORRIBLE HOT SUMMER DAYS."   She was actually screaming in all caps.  But really....

My soul is a Monarch fluttering under the summer, cobalt skies of August...

And how very lovely the thought of August is in the depth of winter, and how our hearts yearn then for its glories... how a single prayer would pierce through the ices in a powerful, evocative yearning:

"O Spirit of the Summertime, 
bring back the roses to the dells; 
the swallow from her distant clime, 
the honey-bee from drowsy cells.  
Bring back the friendship of the sun; 
the gilded evenings, calm and late, 
when merry children homeward run, 
and peeping stars bid lovers wait... 
bring back the singing; 
and the scent of meadowlands at dewy prime... 
Oh, bring again my heart's content, 
thou Spirit of the Summertime!"
 (William Allingham).  

I just so love summer.  And I'm already feeling nostalgic about having to see it go soon...

The other evening I wanted to go outside before nightfall,   

"Part of a moon was falling down the west,
Dragging the whole sky with it to the hills.
Its light poured softly in her lap. She saw it
And spread her apron to it. She put out her hand
Among the harp-like morning-glory strings,
Taut with the dew from garden bed to eaves..."
(Robert Frost)

The little white cottage basked in such glorious pink glow... it swelled the house, and surrounding gardens in magical flurries of wonderment, and glories... I went back and forth around the outsides taking mental pictures of all I saw, and heard and felt...  enchanted by it all, and truly thankful. 

A little white cottage... 

"Where flowers grow and sway
And where dew kisses their satin cheeks
Tall trees provide shade in the hot summertime
And breezes rustle the forest leaves.

Stars twinkle and wink at Night
Happily so merry and gay
And the Moon watches happily o'er
This beautiful enchanted place.

Coblestones provide such a lovely walkway
Leading to the pretty cottage
Where tall rosebushes climb
The trellis where at Night their buds unfurl."

Purple roses glowed under the light of lanterns, wild and charmed... 

Windows in the little white cottage shimmered, and twinkled, enticing me to the glow and warmth inside...  

Then... little was visible but the hints of the dusky quiet light of the solar paths lights, overflowing through their casements into the dark world without...

The little white cottage in the woods snuggled in the arms of the evening, and remained quiet under the dusky sky...  

Night, the beloved. Night, when words fade and things come alive...

Oh, the summer night, 
Has a smile of light, 
And she sits on a sapphire throne.

(Bryan Procter)

Do you love summer?


  1. Cielo estou muy de acuerdo en tu comentario muchas persona viben la vida corriendo y no accepta la naturalesa Dios creo el mundo y el es el dueno de todo nosotro y el sabe cuando es el tiempo adecuado para cada estacion del tiempo no deje que eso te afecte nosotros aqui en Miami tenemos muchas lluvia y lo aceptamos todo esta lindo y berdecito bendecido por la lluvia del cielo
    tu casita esta preciosa y tu jardin tambien recibes mis bendiciones y que tengas un bonito dia

  2. All the seasons have their own unique charms. There is an intensity about summer, in the bounty and beauty she bestows, the hot brilliant sun, the warm water caressing your skin as you swim. So much to appreciate. One of my favorite things about summer is the warmth that allows the windows and doors to be open late into the night and pleasure of being outside under the light of the summer moon.
    When the temperature starts climbing about 90 that's when I need the relief of A/C.
    Thankfully those days don't last more than a week at a time in San Diego, but I have been in Phoenix, Az. in the summer where temps of 100 plus are the norm.
    Your garden is just magical at night Cielo. I can imagine what it must be like to sit out side listening to the night music coming from the woods. Your home looks like a fairy tale cottage with the warm lights shining from within.

  3. Do I love summer? Oh, yes I do! Your words and photos capture the spirit of summer perfectly. I love late summer--August and September, these glorious, bountiful, golden months--best of all.

    May I ask, from what book is that lovely page about August? I wish there were more books like that. Today's publishers mostly print trash. I miss the old-fashioned richness of language of books from yesteryear. I am right now savoring _Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady_ by Edith Holden. This post is very much like the chapters in this book.

    Love, from Massachusetts. ♥

    1. Hi Susan, I got that quote from Pinterest. I too love it, and would love to find out who the author is. Unfortunately, there's no mention of it. Have you read any of the free ebooks by Project Gutenberg? You'll find quite an impressive amount of "old-fashioned' books there, I'm sure you'll like... and they're free! The Eliza Cook's Journal (1849) is a nice one.

      I will have to check out the Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady...

      Thanks for stopping by


  4. Oh, how beautiful your garden and home are in the twinkling moonlight!

  5. I DO love Summer! And like you, don't understand all the complaining about the beautiful weather. I live where we get to enjoy 4 very different seasons, and I embrace each one for it's unique gifts. Being a July baby, I love the Sun and the long days of Summer.

  6. I have decided to take what comes. I worked in my garden this week sweating, shooing away the mosquitoes, etc. and wiping the sweat on my t-shirt using up all the dry spots. It works! I have learned NOT to wear makeup as it burns in the eyes. When I was done I went in and took a nice shower and washed my hair. It felt so good and I thanked God for a shower! Yep, I had a grateful heart.

  7. I love summer too Cielo and as hot as it has been lately, I am dreading the cold weather ahead. There is no place like my garden. The joy and peace that I find in its beauty has no comparison so I hate to know that the earth will soon sleep once more.

    Your home looks so enchanting. And your photo looks magical querida amiga. Tienes un corazon gitano y encantador.



    1. Hola amiguita.... que gusto volver a verte por aquí¡ I will visit real soon, friend... I'll see you in your lovely garden 😚

  8. I do love summer... and I love winter... and spring. Whatever season it is, I try to embrace its beauty and gifts. It is my mission to do that... But if I might have just a little favorite... it would be autumn....

  9. I absolutely do! And what a beautiful season she is! You've done so much with your home, Cielo - it's absolutely stunning! I don't blog much any more, but wanted to stop by and immerse myself in your magic and creativity - I always feel so good after visiting here! Also, I was looking for the music you played a few years ago. It was tinkly silver bell-like music, reminding me of faeries. I think the composer was tsoukis or something like that. I googled that name but came up with modern music. I'd love the link or somehow to find this music again. Thanks and keep sparkling!

    1. I think you might be referring to "This Universe", from Singh Kaur. Here's the link:

      I hope you'll find it.

      Good to see you again... hope you're doing good..


    2. HI Cielo - thanks for the link. It wasn't the one, but that's ok. It was an instrumental piece of music, no singing and for some reason, I associate it with your blog. It was pretty and reminded me of faeries. Have a wonderful day! <3

  10. Why is it no matter what season we are in, so many are wishing it away?? We need to slow down and appreciate each season for its own unique gifts.


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