Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Late Summer Tales

Ah what I would do to see an owl looking down at our little white cottage from the tall trees in my magical woods, her song drifting in through a quiet window.... dance my soul in thy hope!  Thus far though, I haven't been that lucky yet... but I keep dreaming and hoping, and of course... imagining too!  Can you see her?  ;)

There are some things that in my gut, I know will find their way to me someday.  And I dwell on those magical feelings... believing believing.  I live in the realm of possibility, and the moon never beams without bringing me dreams.  Magical things have come true for me time after time after time... and they always leave me in deep awe, wonderment lifting me up on wings of gratitude.   So I wait.  And one day, yes... I will hear the mysterious hooting call of the owl drifting in through the quiet windows of our little white cottage.

Late summer evenings possess such a special charm.  I go outside to say my goodbyes to the fading day, inhale and hold them in my soul... prayers and praises ascending, ascending, passing up the tallest crowns of trees in a pink haze over the darkening clouds.

I was so happy to see my friend the Swallowtail fluttering about the garden again this morning... I found her sipping the nectar of the morning glories, then saw her soared the warm air, and up she came fluttering about and around me as if saying "Yes, yes it's me, it's me and I'm alive!"

I want to believe this is the same butterfly that appeared in my garden particularly early this year, when we were still going through the last leg of winter.  And I want to believe that she knows me, and knows I'm her friend.  I've never seen such a lovely creature of a butterfly before... almost as big as a Chinese fan, and as beautiful and alive as a miracle in itself.     

The other day, my husband sprayed the gardens in an attempt to save me from mosquitoes, and my friend the Swallowtail was somehow affected by the fumes. Her usual perky demeanor were somewhat sluggish, and she was less active and lively than usual.  And so it was that I was able to bring her inside for a few moments so she could recoup and meet the place where my heart dreams...  she loved it in our little sunny dinning room and fluttered and hovered 'bout and around for a while, until she unearthed the lace curtains on the windows, and found her repose there... 

Later when I thought she was already feeling better I took her outside again, opened the cups of my hands where I carried her, and let her free to disappeared in the density of the woods.  Where she lives, I supposed.  And would I see her again?—I had to wonder.  As I walked away, I looked back twice to see if a beautiful fairy with golden wings and a sparkly dress was waving good-bye from atop a branch.  Of course, she was!

What an amazing feeling it was to feel this small, yet powerful life cupped in the hollow of my hands... like us creatures of the Almighty God when he carries us on his hands and suffers our sorrows and caresses the joys of our hearts when he says 'don't be anxious about anything, live a life of daily dependence upon me... all is in my hand.  Trust me implicitly for the future'...

Seeing this big, beautiful creature today again, what a joy that was!

I am sitting by the table out looking the gardens as I write, and I cannot fully concentrate with this glorious racketing of wings and bird songs outside.  From my peripheral vision I see wings in the purest of yellows of the small butterflies hovering over the crimsoned little trumpet flowers of the Christmas vine.  And a hummingbird couple, as playful as they can be, keep coming to the feeder I have placed outside the window closest of our dinning room.  What an amazing thing it was for God to have thought of hummingbirds when He created our lovely world, don't you think so!  Oh and those roses.... they're in bloom again!

What a beautiful, enchanting place this is!
I love the countryside.  I love my little white cottage
I love sultry summer days and the freedom of hours of leisure to bask in.
I am a blessed soul. 

As summer approaches its end in a frantic whirlpool of days, my mind goes to the woods and the mysteries and enchantment that lay there. So this morning I searched all my drawers for this favorite book, "Secret Life of a Forest", overflowing with insights into all four seasons of the woodland year, and late sat down with it to discover what mysteries are transpiring out there at this time in the season...

Did you know that the favorite food of the grass snake, most often encountered around the borders of woods and hedgerows, are frogs, fish and mice?  I tremble at the thought of it.  And more and more I'm convinced that whatever ate our fishes this spring was a snake... eekk!

Call me crazy, but the other day I felt the first tinge of fall in the air.  It rained all night, and as it usually happens around here after a rainy night, we woke up to an enchanting fog that covered trees and little houses, and bestowed a mysterious vibe to the hilly road outside.  Some of the leaves are already falling, and temperatures have come down quite a bit.  It is still summer, and it will be for sometime, but not much longer.   I will enjoy every bit of it, surround myself in its warmth for as long as I want, and of course, will continue dreaming about my owl... and work on a special magical potion to attract owls too!  Tinkle tinkle joy and wonder bring me an owl from over yonder!  Oh dear me, I do hope a good spell doesn't have to rhyme! ;)   

Wait, do owls drink tea?  Best go find a mouse... quickly! ;) 

Hope you have a magical day today

my friends!


  1. Your garden is so pretty. I too have heard the first voices of fall just recently. I cannot wait this year for it to arrive.

  2. What a perfectly beautiful post....sounds and looks like heaven where you live and that you are on your spiritual path living there. Your butterfly friend would have loved visiting for a nap....hugs from Bron:-)

  3. What a joy to be here, dearest Cielo, with your charming posts you always win my heart and fill it with such adeep gladness and serenity, thank you !

    Hope you're having the best of weeks
    I'm sending my dearest love to you

    Xx Dany

    1. Oh my dear Dani, I'm so happy to see you here today... was just watching the news about the terrible earthquake that has affected your beautiful Italy and its lovely people and felt so sad... I cried when they showed that precious girl, Julia being saved out of the rubble... how sad our little world most feel so do such a thing... please be safe my friend... my prayers for Italy today...


  4. I enjoyed your beautiful writing today! It is still SO hot here in Florida, maybe a little tropical storm will cool it off some. Enjoy your beautiful world!

  5. Yes, I see your golden owl! I noticed her, right away.

    And love the outside-looking-in night photos. Love them! They are always so golden and warm and inviting. More, please....?

    You have made yourself a haven of beauty. With much self inspiration and much, much, much work. But it has been worth it. Oh yes!

    Autumn touched down here, a bit ago. And then gave way to the heat/humidity of summer, again. But... Now.... It feels/looks as if Autumn is beginning to win. I don't want her to come too swiftly though. I want her to linger, linger, linger. A beautiful pause, between the heat of summer, and the cold of winter.

    -happy sigh- I'm glad she is coming.... Again...

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. Oh Luna... love love your name and aura it portrays... Always a pleasure to see you around and sit by your feet to learn from your wisdom... Thank you! More outside-looking pics coming up soon... I took some lovely ones this morning of the early sun, truly enchanting... will be posting them soon...

      Have a lovely day


  6. What a special place you live in. It's a delight to read your blog.


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