Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The front porch

Color plays a big part when decorating a porch. It pulls it together and makes it work if you have a pleasing palette.  Ever since we moved to our little white cottage about two years ago, I've been changing the way things look there quite a bit.  From this pretty palette of blues and turquoise, to white, to black.

A cottage will usually have lighter, softer pastel colors, but I wanted to blend things up a little to make it work with the colors of the cottage, which are the whites of the walls, black shutters and the red door.  So this year, I kept the same colors I already had there the previous year.  I only added a few things.  New pillows that are really not new in the whole sense of the word because I got them at a second-hand store, along with this super cute 'old' but new to me, cow throw, which I adore.  And it has all the right colors too!

The focal point and main pop of awesomeness there this year, however, are the lovely Endless Summer, blue hydrangeas, which, after two years of being planted are finally getting established and producing an enormous amount of amazing, beautiful blooms...

The roses on this photograph were starting to bloom, earlier on the year, and things were not as lush as they are right now...  

I love coming here on early mornings.  It's like coming out to a brand new world and stand on the tip of this world to wait on God.  To be welcomed to the new day by the Creator Himself.

Some of the new things I also added to our porch this spring are the two thrift store chairs I painted and upholstered, using a cute little dress.  You can read the story HERE, if you like.

Looking lovely sitting on the porch

The potted geraniums are the same from last year.  They are planted on a smaller pot, that I keep inside the larger pot so I can bring them in during the winter.  I took care of these geranium all throughout the winter.  I never gave up, and they are now doing splendidly...

I have planted hostas in that same bed. These hostas were not doing well last year and had signs of pest infestation, but I am learning.  Hostas are relatively resistant to insects and other pests, but nematodes, weevils, grasshoppers and snails, can make a meal out of these popular perennials.  I am in the look for these critters and removing them by hand.  It is the most effective way..

Red door.  Red geraniums

These inexpensive Halloween, witch's caldrons turned into hanging baskets have some ivy geranium growing in it.  The birds must love them too, for they have chosen to build their nests there.  I was quite surprised the other day as I started to water the pots and a frantic mama bird almost crashed right onto my face... I didn't know she had her nest there and felt so terrible afterwards thinking I could had drown the wee ones...  I still haven't mustered the courage to look in and investigate...

The Iceberg roses I planted in front of the holly hedge when we moved here are all in bloom right now, bending down with the weight of pearl-white beauties over the path that leads to the front of the house... like a snowy carpet, letting visitors know they're welcome. 

I find that these roses are some spindly things, with long, thin canes and a low profusion of bloom.  I am not too happy with this outcome and haven't been able to figure out why is this so. They get all the necessary amount of sunshine and care, and still seem to resist aiming for excellency.

Petal-covered path love...

And here it is... the cottage surrounded by trees seen from the top of the road... trees bordering all its corners.  It is a circle of perpetually flowering privet trees, surrounding an area of green grass and red roses.  I just can't love it any more... so so in love with our little white cottage and so very thankful for the simple life we live.  

We'll be heading down to FL early tomorrow morning and won't be able to post for a few days, but I will be reading.  It was fun creating the name aesthetics of all your beautiful names...  you can still leave a message on the previous post if you want to have your own name deciphered.  I'll be happy to work on that after we come back....

See you then!


  1. So gorgeous! I am crazy about the chair with the poppy fabric! ;)

  2. Are you still having problems with the pesky feral cats? Beautiful home and gardens. From following your blog for a few years, I can see the amount of hard work and love you have poured into it! Shelia

    1. You know, I haven't seen him around and haven't had any more problems.... There's another black cat I'd seen roaming around but I don't think is the same. I know that one of them cats sat in the settee once, because I could tell by the signs, but it wasn't soiled, so that was ok. It was the nasty things that cat left behind what I hated it, but thus far so good. Thank you for asking. So nice that you remembered. And thank you for reading along, sometimes I think I'm the only one that comes here. 😊

  3. " And thank you for reading along, sometimes I think I'm the only one that comes here. ��"

    This, is part of the inspiration, you give to other bloggers. That you just keep blogging, exactly what you want to, and do not (seem) to "give-a-flying-fig", if anyone wants to read/comment. ,-) I love that attitude. I want to have that attitude!

    It is still a "work-in-progress" for me. I still read/comment in every blog, which leaves a comment on mine. I still "work on" blogging, to that extent.

    But my ideal, is to just blog (put out into the Universe), what I wish to share. Not first wondering, how will this "go over" with my Dear Readers. :-)

    So thank you, for this inspiration. Perhaps you never considered, that this is one of your Gifts. :-))) But! It is!

    Gentle hugs,

  4. I have those iceberg roses in my front yard and have found that unless you cut them way back after they bloom they will always look spindly. They are a hardy rose but not as showy as they others.
    Your front porch looks so pretty, especially those poppy chairs. I bet your neighbors are amazed at what you have done since you moved in. All your hard work has paid off beautifully.

  5. Your front porch is just gorgeous! I love the red door and the geraniums with the black and white.

  6. I have been following along for a while without commenting so time to step up... I absolutely love your writings and all you share. I get inspiration looking at what others do. I adore your front door - my favourite colour. Red features quite a bit in my home. Thank you.

  7. I have been following you since House In The Roses and have always found inspiration in every post! Your home and garden and porch is just beautiful. I miss the music on your blog! I really do love your blog but I stopped commenting because you seldom commented on my blog. I'm over all that now (and realize my blog may be boring). I just appreciate your fine writing and beautiful posts:-) Love, Lottie

  8. Your flowers and front porch are just beautiful!! Perfect pops of color amongst your charming white cottage. Love it!! Blessings on your journey and weekend. xoox

  9. Cielo, a beautiful display as always. Completely sigh-worthy. Love, Mimi xxx

  10. My favourite detail about this is the injections of red all the way through, particularly that door!


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