Monday, May 2, 2016

Milford, PA

Visiting with our kids in NY and PA. The historically rich and lovely river town of Milford, with its old tales of Victorian Era, the memories of the Mennonites settlers from the Palatinate in Germany, the rainy streets where the pink blossoms of cherry trees embroidered our steps under sheets of foggy rain. And how lovely, and fortunate of me to stay at the Hotel Fauchère with its beautifully decorated spaces and a sunroom filled with houseplants, complimentary cookies and milk before going to bed, along with a bedtime story of historical public figures to take with you into sleep, and in the morning, breakfast on the front porch out looking the rain kissed, early spring gardens and Oakleaf Hydrangeas supple with raindrops. 

Love the crispiness of the pristine, white tablecloth

Gentle light coming from window

The main room, nicely decorated

Peaceful little restaurant with bouquets of daffodils and lilacs adorning crisp white tables

The sunroom brimming with lovely plants

A beautiful large mirror over the buffet area
I loved the old chandeliers and vintage vases brimming with lilac blooms from the garden, and lovely scent pervading rooms and dimmed-lighted halls.  Loved the crispiness and whiteness of linens and pristine tablecloths, the trace and aura of mystery of low illuminated hallways, where the spirits of occupants of a gone-by era still linger.. 

The Fauchère is a major reason why people visit Milford. It is only one of many historic buildings that locals have carefully restored, and as one can tell from the names in Strub’s copies of the Fauchère’s old guest registers and the old photographs hanging from vintage wallpapered walls, it housed guest such as, William Tecumseh Sherman, Sarah Bernhardt, Andrew Carnegie, Mae West, Babe Ruth, and Presidents Roosevelt, to mention just a few.

The hotel

The house of my dreams.  I could live there forever more

Cherry blossoms

My house or the house in my dreams

The Pinchot homestead, now the public library

Breakfast on the porch
Room 5, where we slept, with its lovely, preserved original solid wood flooring.  Did those gaps between the hardwood floor boards which embraced the soles of my bare feet for just a moment, perhaps did too embraced those of Mae West at one point in its history?  Did Robert Frost came up with any of his poems as he reposed in that same darkened room in the hours of night?

"Whose woods these are I think I know...  my little horse must think it queer to stop without a farmhouse near between the woods and frozen lake the darkest evening of the year.  The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep."

Love those floor tiles

Did I mentioned I cut my hair?  It feels so short now... ouch!

Handsome Brian of the Sasquatch

Brian and Kristy... we all wore cute hats ;)

The fountain at the entrance of the hotel with the little enclosed garden

Lilac perfume drifted from the vase, pervading room and adjacent shadowy, quiet halls... like some magical butterfly

I loved our little walks on delightful streets cramped with antique shops and quant little bagel and coffee shops and many beautiful homes on streets lined with huge trees.  Love the house known as the Columns, and Impressive Shingled steeple of the Romanesque Revival-style First Presbyterian Church (1874), felt in love with the Greek Revival-style Pinchot Homestead (1855); now the Milford Community House and Public Library, and the little old man who owns the small art shop and museum, with his photographs of his younger self and years in the Navy and collection of antiques swords and knives. 

The little park and the lovely historical homes in the background

Can anything be any more lovelier than this?
My life is full, and my little heart content.  We left Milford and said goodbye to our kids, on the road again now to WA, DC.  It is another cloudy, rainy day here and some wild girl with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair I keep in my little heart, dances, as she goes into the woods and I get a little loved by the wilderness. 

I had a scary little dream last night about an uproar of unhappy neighbors back home, gathering at our little white cottage to protest against me for having contacted the Animal Control the other day on those big dogs that run free in our neighborhood every morning and go by my gardens stomping on flowers and leaving behind unwanted gifts.  I fear retaliation, but will do it again if I have to...

I am writing from the lobby of another hotel, airy and light, and I'm thinking of Knockout red roses and little white cottages and how I want to plant yellow Knockout roses beside the red ones... and the mystery plant growing in my garden, did I tell you it is a lilac tree?  Oh yes yes!  I am recuperating for another bout of chronic pain, and I feel much better now and I think I'm going to be fine for the remainder of our stay here in WA.  My heart is thankful and I live under the shadow of the Almighty.

Until the next time, my friends!


  1. Your visit looks amazing! You are beautiful!

  2. Thank you for sharing your visit with us in this post! The pictures are beautiful! I agree, there is something wonderful about a white tablecloth!


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