Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our precious world

Families and innocent children celebrating the holy days being killed, people at airports heading to see family, on vacation and missionary trips being bombed and laying in a pool of blood, passengers shielding themselves under bags as smoke and debris fill the terminals, a terrified child; a child's terrified screams ringing high in my heart... the fear, the sorrow.  My heart aches and my soul mourns the lost of innocence and peace in our precious world...  I want to talk real loud and save the lost; change the world; silent the beasts.  But I know not how... so I'd bow my head, hide from view and cover my little heart.  We are tenacious self-destructive conformists. Any other view of our species is just a self-congratulatory delusion.   I cannot stand the world.     

And thus....  I am hiding in the safety of my burrow... days are pleasantly warm and sunny, and the woods which hide my soul is growing verdant and lush each day; gracing my little world in shades of emeralds and wholesome brilliancy. 

I come outside every day and with an expectant heart examine all I see there and all I don't see, but know it is... my heart skipping a bit by the slightly swish of wind and the impromptu of birds...  I love my little world and I am thankful to be here and be able to appreciate it all.

The hostas are all coming up, and there are other things growing in the beds too, which I should say, are to me the most unexpected and wonderful of surprises, as I had already forgotten I had ever planted them where they are... the earth is always gifting, gifting... never forgetting, always forgiving...

It's been so rewarding discovering all those bulbs and tubers I planted last spring and never made it, perhaps because I was too early or too late planting them?  Whatever the reason, they are now sprouting from the softened soil for the first time...  seeing them as I go along the garden taking soul notes, what a joy they are...  what are they?  I have to wonder, as I already forgot what I'd chosen back then.  A lovely surprise indeed they'll be, once they bloom.  

Over there, pass the fountain there's a door opened to the unknown...  

I walk to it and stand in awe; eyes searching at whatever may lay beyond... the lairs and burrows of wild creatures, blind wells, a dense bramble of privets and large trees... and maybe; maybe I want to see too a strange place, hollow and riddled with caves filled with valuable ores, treasure and dangerous monsters? 

I've been busy in the garden, not only planting and transplanting, dividing perennials, pulling out weeds and such, but also I've been busy painting things there.... it is after all, the season of renewal...  

Every spring I do the same.  I paint all of the patio furniture, objects, trinkets, curious things, junk, rocks, flowerpots... sometimes, I even get to paint the grass... ups! ;)

Everything and anything I reckon lovely would get a sprucing up with paint... and that's a lot of things! ;)  

The other day I painted all those uninteresting looking plastic flowerpots I had sitting in the garden. Whatever got me thinking to have them painted in black that first year we moved in, I just don't know.  This year, I needed color....

I chose the loveliest of colors, in azure.  "Legacy" from Americana Decor Chalky Finish.   And let me tell you, I've discovered that chalk paint is the best of paints ever for painting your plastic flowerpots.   Forget the sprays.  Oh yes, forget those sprays! 

Chalk paint runs so smooth on plastic and it dries so fast you can touch, fill or move your flowerpots almost instantly...  the paint covers so well that you won't need much of it either.  I get mine HERE. It is one of my favorite colors right now. An 8oz bottle will cover a lot... I mean a lot of flowerpots, trust me.

What are you up to these days?  A mystery plant is growing in my garden.  Stay tune for more!




  1. What a beautiful post, Ceilo. Very heartfelt, and yes, it is a very troublesome World we live in where the innocent are victims. I found your words to be very touching, and sometimes it is so difficult to express oneself fully, but I know there are many who feel as you do. On another note, the blue painted pots are lovely, and I HAVE been contemplating painting those which I have with Chalk paint. Wondered how it might work out, but since you've already "tested" it for me, I'll definitely go that route (I don't like the look of spray painted things).

    1. Yes... our lovely lovely world is so tired... Come Lord Jesus!


  2. I had no idea that you could use chalk paint on plastic flower pots. Did you apply it with a typical paint brush or something else? Thanks for any help!

    1. Yes, I used a regular paint brush. Let your strokes be guided by the pot... kind of in a circular fashion... the strokes will be even and paint will adhere perfectly... give it a try!


  3. Gorgeous photos and beautiful post. xoxo Su

  4. Your garden is looking beautiful, cant wait to see it in another month or so.
    Love your Pinterest post on John Waterhouse. I have always loved his work. Same with another of his contemporaries, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Especially his works on the Roman Empire period. What an amazing talent to be gifted with.

  5. Your garden looks lovely! As for those that didn't bloom, I am a novice gardener and have learned that not everything blooms every year--some don't bloom until the second year. Maybe you just need to wait a bit :)

  6. Hello, Dear Cielo, a very lovely and heartfelt post! I am always praying for peace and love in this world, which needs it so.
    Your gardens are beautiful and a true sanctuary. I love the touches of blue. It is good to know that plastic pots can be painted with chalk paint. I have quite a few that could use some new life! You have a lovely blog - I am your newest follower :) Thank you for your sweet visit. xx Karen

  7. Beautiful heartfelt post, I pray for peace and hope it will happen so my dear Grandchildren do not grow up in fear. Beautiful garden and such a clever idea to paint the pots making them so bright and cheerful.

  8. A beautiful garden and a little sanctuary in the chaos of the world we live in. I love my garden too, we are all so lucky to have a safe haven to escape too.
    Love the idea of the chalk paint for the plant pots - may have use that myself. #FiveOnFriday

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  9. You have a lovely burrow and garden to contemplate and retreat to. You have some great gardening skills, too. Hope you have a peaceful weekend!


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